Theory: Layer-Cake Desert isn't Edible

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Status High Consensus
Author mu
Date of creation December 11th, 2022



  • Argument 2: Looking closely, the ‘ice cream’ and ‘strawberries’ are actually just rock formations resembling them. The texture of the ‘ice cream’ looks like smooth marble with sharp cones poking out, while the ‘strawberries’ seem to be patchy igneous rocks. The ‘Layer-Cake’ surfaces of the desert are colored sands in stripe patterns, and the ‘frosting’ on the ‘cakes’ could be made out of a cement-esque material. The ‘cakes’ themselves are the most clearly inedible ‘desserts’ in the desert, as they contain ammonite fossils, which are only found in sediment (and are literally rocks).

  • Argument 4: Layer-Cake Desert is also a course in Mario Golf: World Tour. If a golf ball comes into contact with a ‘cake’ in the desert, the ‘cake’ will behave akin to a sturdy earthen structure, rather than cake.

  • Bonus: The underground desert sections don’t even resemble sweets whatsoever, the truth under the surface is unveiled.