Theory: Fungi Forest's Location

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Status High Consensus
Author Ninc
Date of creation November 14th, 2022

The area of Fungi Forest from Donkey Kong 64 is located in the Northern Kremisphere.



  • Argument 2: The level is accessed through a portal in a cabin on a floating island that could impossibly house a large forest area. Cabins are also very prominent in the Northern Kremisphere.

  • Argument 3: Smaller red toadstools also appear in the Northern Kremisphere. The only other location featuring red toadstools was Crocodile Isle, which sunk into the ocean prior to Donkey Kong 64. No such toadstools could be found on Donkey Kong Island.

  • Argument 4: Just like the Northern Kremisphere, Fungi Forest features lakes, waterfalls, and smaller groups of conifers, highly resembling the landscape of the Northern Kremisphere. Even the bridges appear to be very similar to the ones found in the Northern Kremisphere.

  • Argument 5: One of the more prominent structures of the first worlds in both Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and Donkey Kong Land III are barns and mills, with 7 out of 26 levels in the first two worlds taking place in them. This level type is exclusive to these two games, and mills and barns of this type and design only reappeared in the small area of Fungi Forest. And just like the mills and barns in Donkey Kong Country 3, bags of flour are found in them.