Theory: Castle Bleck was the castle used by the Tribe of Darkness

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Status High Consensus
Author Seán D. Walsh, Anothermariofan, General Donitsky
Date of creation October 12, 2023


Castle Bleck is the same castle the Tribe of Darkness lived in, before Count Bleck destroyed the tribe.


Note the similar architecture
  • Argument 1: The Magiblots are called Majīru (マジール) in Japanese, which follows the Japanese naming-scheme for Shaman characters. Magiblots then wouldn’t make sense to roam a random place in such large numbers, unless the place once held Shamans. The Tribe of Darkness was made up of Shamans, so the Magiblots could be what remains of the Tribe of Darkness after Bleck destroys them.

  • Argument 2: Bleck uses Castle Bleck as his base of operations. If this castle was his home, it would make sense for him to use the castle as his base after destroying the Tribe of Darkness.

  • Argument 3: Castle Bleck shares symbols and has the same architectural style as other structures constructed by the Tribe of Ancients, which would make sense if it was the home of the Tribe of Darkness; an off-shoot of the Ancients.

  • Argument 4: Castle Bleck doesn’t make any narrative sense if it isn’t linked to anything else in the story. Bleck having a random castle wouldn’t make sense, unless it was connected to him and Castle Bleck would narratively come out of nowhere if it isn’t the Tribe of Darkness’ castle.