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Super Mario Party was the next Mario Party, simply about deciding who would be the Super Star this time.


One day, trouble was brewing between Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong. Everyone was claiming to be the Super Star, and Mario decided that a Mario Party would best determine who'd be the Super Star. Toad and Toadette both decide to be fair and impartial judges at this party.[1]

Bowser then sprang into the scene, suggesting that perhaps him, Bowser Jr., or one of his troops could also be the Super Star; a Monty Mole, Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones, Goomba, Hammer Bro., Shy Guy, Boo, and Pom Pom. He summons Kamek as an extra judge, to truly make everything fair and impartial. This comes quite handy for Toad and Toadette, as Kamek's magic would help prepare the party much more quickly.

All throughout the party, the up-and-coming Super Star gains several gems representing all the hallmarks of what makes a Super Star; spirit, courage, love, passion, and tenacity.

  • The Gem of Tenacity is by playing on all boards, braving through all types of adversity.[2]
  • The Gem of Spirit is by playing on the most difficult version of Sound Stage, loosening your spirit in its most passionate form.[3]
  • The Gem of Courage requires sailing every branch in River Survival, braving every danger possible.[4]
  • The Gem of Love is by playing every board in Partner Party, for pushing personal goals aside for mutual ones.[5]
  • The Gem of Passion is by completing Challenge Road, only for those with pure passion for minigames.[6]

After collecting all of the gems, they suddenly combine together to form the victory podium meant for the Super Star.

It was time for the award ceremony, and the Super Star was allowed on stage.[7] Bowser congratulates the winner and promises to get along with everyone. At least, until the next party gets started. This remark refreshes everyone's determination and they run off, leaving the Super Star and hosts alone, surprised, and in disbelief.


  • Bowser forces his way into Mario’s Party in this title, but this time he does so with Bowser Jr. and a group of minions and plays fairly, indicating that this title takes place after the events of Mario Party 10.
  • According to Birdo, this title is the eleventh Mario Party, likely placing this title after all previous Mario Party games.
  • Stickers appear, possibly placing this title after the events of Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
  • Daisy’s description on the site for this game states “The ruler of Sarasaland loves the thrill of the chase. Daisy plays to win!”, indicating that Daisy is back living in and ruling Sarasaland at this point, likely placing this title after Mario Party: Island Tour.
  • The Minigame “Making Faces” may have been inspired by Picture Match from Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Horses from Mario Sports Superstars appear in the minigame “Fiddler on the Hoof”, likely placing this game after that title.
  • Ally recruiting and character-specific dice return from Mario Party: Star Rush.


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