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Super Mario Land was the rescue of Princess Daisy from Tatanga.


Tatanga arrived on Sarasaland from outer space and quickly took over by using his interstellar hypnosis methods on its citizens. He then captured Princess Daisy and held her prisoner in the Chai Kingdom so he could marry her and make her his queen.

Mario came to know of these events and journeyed to Sarasaland to restore peace and save Daisy.[1]

Mario journeyed through each of the four kingdoms, fending himself from the hypnotized citizens, before making it to the Chai Kingdom where Tatanga was waiting. Using the Sky Pop, the airplane Mario's riding, and Tatanga's war robot, the Pagosu, both enacted an airborne battle with Mario being victorious and saving Daisy.[2] The residents of Sarasaland were likely freed from their hypnosis after this event.

Locations Visited

  • Sarasaland
    • Birabuto Kingdom
      • 1-1
      • 1-2
      • 1-3
    • Muda Kingdom
      • 2-1
      • 2-2
      • 2-3
    • Easton Kingdom
      • 3-1
      • 3-2
      • 3-3
    • Chai Kingdom
      • 4-1
      • 4-2
      • 4-3




  • Princess Daisy meets Mario for the first time.
  • Daisy has her classic appearance in this game, placing it before other titles which feature her modern appearance.
  • Tatanga makes his first appearance.


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