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Super Mario Galaxy 2 was Mario's adventure across the universe to rescue Peach from a planet sized Bowser.


Once again, the centenary Star Festival was happening in the Mushroom Kingdom.[1] Peach had invited Mario to enjoy cake while they watched the shooting stars.[2] As Mario traveled to Peach's Castle, he met a star shaped being that was asleep on the ground. The star child was a bit confused and looked lost. But he immediately took a liking to Mario's hat.[3] Mario felt a new power surging through him. This allowed him to do a Spin Attack that he practiced on some crystal like objects.[4]

Mario and his newly met friend continued to travel to Peach's Castle. As the two got closer to the castle, they encountered another star like being that looked like the one Mario met earlier. Using his new found ability, he freed the yellow star child who also seemed lost.[5] Upon arriving in Toad Town, Mario had discovered that Bowser was attacking once again! This time Bowser was huge due to him taking thepower of the Stars, and also kidnapped Princess Peach. The Koopa King revealed that he was planning on creating a new empire at the center of the universe with Peach by his side. He then flew off to the sky above.[6]

Mario heard a call from Peach's Castle from two more star like beings.[7] The two Lumas recognized the Young Master Luma that Mario met earlier. One of the two yellow Lumas transformed into a Launch Star to help Mario on his galactic journey.[8]

Mario's first stop was Sky Station Galaxy where he got his first star from Peewee Piranha.[9][10] After gaining his first star, the Power Star had brought Mario to a destroyed starship.[11] The owner of the wrecked ship, introduces himself as Lubba, who agreed to help Mario and young Master Luma on their quest to rescue Mario's special one and stop Bowser[12]. After using Mario's first Power Star to restore the ship, in honor of Mario's help, Lubba had dubbed the renewed craft as Starship Mario.[13] Mario and Young Master Luma traveled across various Galaxies to collect more Power Stars to reach Bowser at the center of the Universe.

Along the way, Mario encounters Yoshi who was trapped by Bowser in an egg. Yoshi, thanked Mario by offering to aid him on his quest.[14]

After many battles with Bowser, Bowser Jr., and their troops, and many Power Stars collected. Mario and friends managed to reach Bowser's Galaxy Generator.

Mario, Young Master Luma, and Lubba saw that Bowser's Galaxy Generator was using something to gain its source of power. Mario and Luma launched towards Bowser's Generator to stop Bowser's Galactic Empire.[15]

With the help of the Lumas, Mario and Young Master Luma were able to reach Bowser in his chambers where they fought.[16] After a long battle, Bowser was defeated. This time Mario was able to rescue Princess Peach and return her safely to Starship Mario.[17] Upon their return, Rosalina revealed herself as her Comet Observatory was the object that Bowser was using to power his Generator[18]. Rosalina thanked Mario for his efforts and returning Young Master Luma to her.[19] The little Luma thanked Mario for his help and kept Mario's hat with him upon returning to his mama.[20]

With peace restored to the Universe, Mario, Peach, and Lubba returned home to the Mushroom Kingdom.[21]


  • This game also takes place during the Star Festival, but clearly 100 years have not passed. The Toad Brigade also forms for the first time once again, having clearly not experienced the events of Super Mario Galaxy. This indicates that this game takes place directly after the universe's reset in Super Mario Galaxy, with Super Mario Galaxy 2 taking Super Mario Galaxy's place in the Mario Universe.
  • Bowser becomes giant, placing this game after the events of Bowser Jr.'s Journey.
  • Mario meets Lubba for the first time here.
  • Starship Mario is created.
  • Mario meets Rosalina once again at the end of this game, and Young Master Luma takes Mario's hat.
  • During this game's credits, a cake appears that looks extremely similar to, or may very well be, the cake that the Koopalings used to kidnap Princess Peach during New Super Mario Bros. Wii, perhaps implying that Super Mario Galaxy 2 happens not long after the events of that game.[22]


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