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Super Mario Galaxy was Mario's adventure in space to rescue Peach, who has been captured by Bowser and held at the center of the universe.


The centenary Star Festival was happening in the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach had invited Mario to show him something. Mario arrived in Toad Town, but the festival got invaded by Bowser and his forces. A giant spaceship emerged to pull Peach's Castle out from under the ground, while Mario was shot away to places unknown.[1]

Mario is awakened on a small planetoid where he is introduced to Rosalina who tells him his mission of recovering her Comet Observatory's Power Stars, which were stolen by Bowser during his invasion. If Mario were to collect enough Star Energy, Rosalina would be able to steer the Comet Observatory to Peach's location.[2][3] Mario then traveled to different Galaxies and retrieved enough Power Stars to reach Bowser's Galaxy Reactor; located at the center of the universe.

Mario defeated Bowser right at the core of his galaxy's sun and recovered Peach.[4] Unfortunately, Bowser's sun explodes, accidentally causing a supernova which created a massive black hole that destroyed the entire universe.[5] All of the Lumas then joined together to create an emergency reset of the universe.

Mario wakes up in front of Toad Town and, hearing Rosalina's parting words, happily welcomes his new universe.



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