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Super Mario 64, otherwise known as Super Mario 64 DS, was a hostage situation taking place inside Peach's Castle.


Princess Peach invited Mario over to have some cake, writing a letter to him. After sending it, Bowser and his army invaded the castle, sealing everyone, including Peach herself, inside the castle walls. In the process, he had stolen all of the castle's Power Stars, using its power to create his own world in the paintings and walls.[1]

This attack reached the outside, and the Lakitu Bros. was live on the scene reporting for any updates.[2] Despite the national attention, Mario did not know of this event happening.[3]

Mario arrived at the castle grounds via Warp Pipe, but was suddenly joined by Luigi and Wario. They headed inside and were told by a Toad about their situation. All three headed inside Bob-omb Battlefield, but were then overpowered by Bowser's forces.[4] They were then held prisoner inside the paintings by Bowser's top people; Mario by Goomboss, Luigi by King Boo, and Wario by Chief Chilly.

The Lakitu Bros., reporting outside but with no updates for a while, decided to wake Yoshi up, who had been sleeping on the castle's roof all this time. Heading inside, what followed was a long rescue session of the three heroes. Yoshi rescued Mario from Goomboss, Mario rescued Luigi from King Boo, and Luigi rescued Wario from Chief Chilly. Collecting all of the 150 Power Stars inside the castle, only Mario was allowed to fight Bowser in Bowser in the Sky. Fighting Bowser for the last time, Bowser was shocked that there were more Power Stars hidden inside the castle, then left to avoid seeing peace return to the Mushroom Kingdom.[5]

Returning back to the castle's front via the Jumbo Star, Mario used it to restore the power of the Stars to the castle and free Peach and everyone else from inside the castle. Hailing the four as her heroes, Peach rewarded them by baking them a delicious cake. After the cake, they waved in front of the Lakitu Bros' camera as the cameraman returned to the studio.


A video game adaptation loosely based on this event was developed, as Wrinkly Kong is seen playing it.[6] Some parts of the game were even recreated at full-scale, such as costumes or the entire backside of Peach's Castle.[7][8]

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