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Super Mario 3D World involved the freeing of the Sprixie Kingdom from Bowser's invasion.


Bowser invaded the Sprixie Kingdom with the Koopa Troop, sealing each of the Sprixie Princess' followers inside bottles.[1] The green Sprixie Princess fled by conjuring up a Glass Pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach were strolling through the fireworks when they notice a shifted Glass Pipe in the middle of the road. Mario and Luigi, using their plumbing knowledge, fix the Glass Pipe straight, causing a ton of items from the Sprixie Kingdom to pour out before the Sprixie Princess herself appears. She explains the invasion happening to the four before being finally captured herself by the sudden appearance of Bowser. The four heroes charge inside, transporting themselves to the Sprixie Kingdom.

Right after that, Captain Toad, just recently after his team's recent expedition, went after the group to discover even more treasure inside the Sprixie Kingdom. He would often recoup with the four people to reveal any new Green Stars he has discovered.

Making sure to free all of the seven Sprixie Princesses bottled up inside each of the seven worlds they're stationed in, Bowser makes a sudden appearance to bottle all seven of them at once yet again. He then retreats to Bowser Land, a massive amusement park in his likeness. The four heroes journey on, finding themselves at the Great Tower of Bowser Land where Bowser makes his final stand. Climbing the top of the tower with Bowser trailing behind, using multiple power-ups at his disposal, the heroes find the POW Block at the top, smashing it and launching Bowser off of his own tower.

Bowser is put in a bottle as his punishment.[2] With the Sprixie Kingdom being freed from Bowser's invasion, the four heroes return to the Mushroom Kingdom, the fireworks now in honor of the Sprixies.

The four heroes returned soon after, and the Sprixie Princesses carve up a rocket from inside a boulder for the group to head into World Star. When they reached Super Galaxy, they met up with Rosalina who decided to join them. With five as a team, they reach World Crown and finish the Champion's Road and the Mystery House Marathon. Captain Toad, also there, also found the last few Green Stars there.





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