Sprixie Kingdom

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Sprixie Kingdom
SM3DW Map.png
Full name Sprixie Kingdom
Greater location East Islands
Inhabitants Sprixies, Toads, Plessie, Hisstocrats
Capital World Castle
Nearby Locations
Cap Kingdom
Sprixie Kingdom Cascade Kingdom
Cat Kingdom

The Sprixie Kingdom is an archipelagic state located between the Cap Kingdom and the Cascade Kingdom. It is ruled by the Sprixie Princesses and home to the Sprixies. Some Toads also live there. The Sprixie Kingdom was once invaded by Bowser, who captured the Sprixie Princesses. He was ultimately defeated by Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad.


World 1

The southernmost island that largely consists of grassland. There is a more tropical area that contains a river and waterfalls. The castle sits off the east coast in the sea, connected to the mainland via a highway.

World 2

Northeast of World 1, World 2 contains a desert, but also grassy hills and mountains.

World 3

North of World 2, this island is varied with its environments. It has snowy areas and a lagoon.

World 4

World 5

World 6

World Castle

World Bowser

Worlds Star, Mushroom, Flower, Crown

Worlds in outer space, close to the planet’s surface. It is unknown if they are under Sprixie Kingdom control, but some Sprixies have settled there.


The Sprixie Kingdom has access to space travel, with the Sprixie Princesses able to build rockets.