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Shroob (species)
Habitat Varied
Related Species
Yoob and other Shroobifed Species
Notable members
- Princess Shroob

- Elder Princess Shroob
- Shroob Comander

Shroobs are a fungoid alien species originating from Shroob Planet. They are identified by their small stature and superficial resemblance to poison mushrooms. While they originated from shroob planet they are an extremely imperialistic species that will colonize planets. They are a hostile race, sometimes even genocidal. Although they aren't known for their fighting abilities, they have advanced weaponry such as laser guns and flying saucers.


The Shroobs are dark purple mushroom-shaped creatures with bluish-white spots at the top, that have very stubby bodies and limbs, hands with pincers at the ends, gaping mouths with a pair of fangs on the top, and black eyes with red pupils.

The Shroobs rely primarily on ray guns as weapons and they employ fleets of flying saucers, powered by the vim of Toads.


While Shroobs are hostile to others they aren't necessarily nice to each other, their society is extremely classist, and lower classes are often used as meat shields by the elite. They appear to be extremely militaristic as all shroobs are part of the military structure without any civilians. They are ruled by a diarchy made up of two sister matriarchs Princess Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob.




Before becoming an imperialist society, they inhabited Shroob Planet, likely as a chemotrophic species. Their home world was situated in the vastness of space and lacked any sunlight. Over time, their planet began to die possibly as a result of their own actions.


The Shroobs invaded the Mushroom Kingdom because their home planet was dying. The Shroobs start their invasion by destroying Toad Town and capturing many Toads. These Toads are taken to Toadwood Forest, where their vim is drained by the forest's genetically altered trees. The Vim is then collected at the Vim Factory, which is guarded by mind-controlled Hammer Bros; Dr. Shroob then feeds the Vim to Swiggler, a bio-engineered Wiggler that drinks the Vim to power the Shroob saucers.

While attacking Toad Town, they also attack Peach's Castle in hopes of capturing the Princess Peach of the past, but she has left alongside Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and past Toadsworth in the Koopa Cruiser by the time they get in the castle, thanks to Baby Bowser. They instead find Princess Peach of the present and her subjects, Toadiko and Toadbert, who have traveled back in time using E. Gadd's time machine. Princess Peach manages to trap the Elder Princess Shroob in the Cobalt Star, the time machine's power source, and then shatter it and scatter the shards around the kingdom, before getting captured by the younger Princess Shroob.

When present-time Mario and Luigi travel back to the past via a time hole and reach Hollijolli Village, they see the town being attacked by Shroob saucers, and they encounter some Shroobs for the first time. Unfortunately, during the battle the Bros. are knocked out by a huge energy ball sent down by a Shroob saucer, which prompts their past selves to go down to the village and save them, bringing them back to Baby Bowser's Koopa Cruiser. However, the cruiser is later attacked by Princess Shroob via a Shroob missile, causing the vehicle to crash into Baby Bowser's Castle.

Soon after, Yoob, a Yoshi-like monster of the Shroobs' creation, is unleashed on Yoshi's Island. Yoob starts to eat any Yoshis it can find. It is heavily implied that these Yoshis will be converted into other monstrous Yoobs, to be used to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi go to stop it, but are eaten in the process after the Shroobs use their Shroob saucers to make Yoob grow to colossal proportions. Inside, they find the eaten Yoshis, Toadbert (who has lost his memory), Baby Bowser (stuck inside of an egg), and Sunnycide, who blocks the exit of Yoob's belly. The bros. are able to defeat Sunnycide and free the trapped Yoshis as well as Toadbert and Baby Bowser, causing Yoob to stop functioning in the process.

The Shroobs later commandeer the Koopaseum in Gritzy Desert, using it as a stadium in order to celebrate the conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom. On stage, Princess Shroob feeds Princess Peach to the monstrous Petey Piranha. Mario and company chase it under the colosseum after taking out the Shrooboid Brat, and defeat Petey, though they learn that Princess Peach was spat out by Petey Piranha earlier and taken deeper inside the cave. Before the four can save her, however, Princess Shroob disguises herself as Princess Peach, with the intention of fooling them into taking her into the Mushroom Kingdom of the present, so that she could take it over and make sure her plan would succeed.

The disguise also manages to fool Bowser, who came to Peach's Castle to kidnap Princess Peach again, taking Princess Shroob with him through a time hole to Thwomp Volcano. After he and Baby Bowser are defeated by the bros. in Thwomp Caverns, the Shroob Mother Ship comes and takes back Princess Shroob, with Mario, Luigi and their baby counterparts in pursuit. During their search for the princess inside the ship, they are surrounded by a group of Shroobs in a room. Princess Shroob then approaches them and takes off her disguise, revealing herself. Before she can do anything about the quartet, a disguised Kylie Koopa saves them, though they are ejected out of the Mother Ship shortly after.

Eventually, the Bros. collect five of the Cobalt Star shards and gain access to the now-conquered Princess Peach's Castle. Higher up the castle, they manage to corner Princess Shroob by shooting down the Shroob Mother Ship and defeat both her and the Elder Princess Shroob, who had been unintentionally freed from her imprisonment in the Cobalt Star by Baby Bowser. Afterwards, E. Gadd uses the Hydrogush 4000 to create a rain of artificial baby tears to wilt the purple mushrooms the Shroobs left all over the Mushroom Kingdom, restoring anyone who was turned into a mushroom in the process. However, the Elder Princess Shroob - who turned into a Shroob mushroom following her defeat - was swallowed by an unconscious Bowser, turning him into Shrowser, who was quickly defeated by the adult and baby Mario brothers. What became of the Shroobs after this is unknown, but Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story shows that the Koopa Troop managed to capture and cryogenically freeze some Shroobs, as they are seen in a hidden preservation chamber in Bowser's Castle.