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Other Names Wizard, Super-Magician
Habitat Varied
Notable members
Bestovius - Chet Rippo (Rogueport Sewers) - Madame Clairvoya - Merlar - Merle - Merlee (Flopside) - Merlee (Dry Dry Outpost) - Merlee (Rogueport Sewers) - Merlight - Merlimbis - Merlon (Flipside) - Merlon (Rogueport) - Merlon (Toad Town) - Merloo - Merlow - Merlumina - Merluvlee (Flipside) - Merluvlee (Rogueport Sewers) - Merluvlee (Shooting Star Summit) - Nolrem

Shamans are a powerful type of magician. Most are either humans or Linelanders who live in tribes that have a familial connection, cooperating to reach a common goal, or run various businesses. Shamans are named by their profession[1] and often base their purpose within the tribe or the nature of their business on that profession.


A female Shaman


Shamans are often clad in clothing that conceals their appearance. Male Shamans always wear a long robe that covers their head and their body, concealing the hands with long sleeves. The robe worn by male Shamans is most often a shade of blue, but can also be grey. Male Shamans also wear a green, red or purple broche that often features a star, a white, pink or blue cloak underneath their robe and a pair of red or brown pointy shoes. The males also often feature long mustaches. The females often dress very similarly to the males, with long robes from head to toe, while they often have long hair hanging out of the robe. Some female Shamans dress differently, wearing a long dress, a diamond shaped hat, a veil and high heels. Some don't wear a brooche either, wearing earrings featuring a star instead. Some Shamans differ greatly in appearance from most Shamans, such as Bestovius and Merloo. The way Shamans dress also seems to reflect the profession they practice. The eye color of Shamans is white, yellow or pink.

Life Cycle

Shamans start their profession from a very early age[2] and are shown to inherit their magical powers from their parents, with marriage outside of the tribe increasing the chance of that magic being diluted in the next generation[3]. Shamans go to school with other Shamans,[4] where they seemingly learn to master their magical abilities. Not all members within a Shaman family grow up to be Shamans.[5] This may be because they didn't want to become one due to a lack of interest in magic.[6]



Shamans, taking their magical power from the Stars, often worship and honor them. Shaman temples and houses often feature stars and, as previously mentioned, Shamans often feature stars in their clothing. Shamans are also very involved with Star Haven, with Merle living in Starborn Valley to nurture Star Children before they rise to Star Haven. Shamans also built Crystal Palace a long time ago, as a temple to honor the stars. Shamans also place great value on the power of love, which would make sense, with love fueling the stars with power.

the interior of a Shaman house


Shamans are often secluded from other parts of society when they're not amongst their own kind. They keep good contact within the tribe, but rarely have much of a connection with people outside of it. Shaman businesses are often found in hidden or secluded areas, but they do offer their services to anyone who comes to these areas. Shamans tend to live for a strong purpose, make money with their businesses and when they retire from their purpose, they often start a second career as shopkeeper.[7] They have been shown to sell powerful items and equipment[8], sell magical spells as charmers[9] and host minigames.[10]

Places where Shamans live

Places Shamans have set up shop

Shaman jobs

As mentioned earlier, Shamans name themselves based on their profession. Here is a list of known Shaman professions:

  • Bestovius

A Shaman bearing the name Bestovius has the job of granting the ability of Dimensional Flipping to those considered worthy of this power. Another term for Bestovius is "Flip Wizard".

  • Chet Rippo

A Shaman bearing the name Chet Rippo has the ability to increase someone's stats, to the detriment of another one of their stats. For this they don't require a Crystal Ball.

  • Merle

A Shaman bearing the name Merle has the job of raising and taking care of Star Children before they rise to the sky.[11]

  • Merlee

A Shaman bearing the name Merlee can tell fortunes using a Crystal Ball,[12] can use magical cards to cast charms that enhance someone's ability in battle or can grant extra rewards after battle,[13] and have the ability to cast a charm that grants a random item.

  • Merlight

A Shaman bearing the name Merlight is an architect and possibly scholar within Shaman society.

  • Merlimbis

A Shaman bearing the name Merlimbis has great knowledge in love.

  • Merlon

A Shaman bearing the name Merlon can predict the near future using a Crystal Ball,[14] upgrade someone's abilities using a Crystal Ball and a Shine Sprite[15] and often serves as an elder amongst a group of Shamans.

  • Merloo

A Shaman with the name Merloo has the ability to vaguely predict the far future.

  • Merlow

A Shaman bearing the name Merlow collects Star Pieces.[16]

  • Merlumina

A Shaman bearing the name Merlumina is a leader among Shamans and guides them in their purpose.

  • Merluvlee

A Shaman bearing the name Merluvlee can tell fortunes using a Crystal Ball and often uses this ability to predict where someone will find certain valuable objects.[17]

Powers and Abbilities

Although they aren't very strong physically,[18] Shamans have been shown to possess great magical powers using Star Magic. They can cast various offensive spells, including Diamond Saw, Lightning Orb, Crystal (spell), Blizzard (spell) and Flame Stone. Unlike many other magic users, they don't require a Magic Wand when casting these spells. They also have many powers that require the use of a Crystal Ball, such as casting spells that can enhance the user's abilities during battle, casting spells that grant the user greater rewards after battle, casting a spell that can grant the user a random item and being able to foresee the future via reading the Stars[19][20]. They also have the abbility to float[21][22] and can cast a spell to make things invisible.[23]


Ancient History

The Shamans used to only be a group amongst Linelanders in Lineland, part of a civilization called the Tribe of Ancients. Shamans appear to have discovered how Star Magic works on their own during this time. They weren't a very powerful group, because of their physical weakness, untill a Master Magician discovered a way to create Pixls using the Dark Prognosticus and brought his deceased daughter back, before creating many more Pixls. The Pixls served as smart tools for the Tribe of Ancients and the tribe quickly expanded across dimensions and spread their culture to other groups. Humans joined the Shamans and became influential in their own dimensions, learning star magic as well. Shamans were a powerful group within the Tribe of Ancients, often having leadership roles and owning big property. The Shamans made contact with Star Haven and started caring for Star Children. The Shamans also established the Ancient City on the coast Rogueport is located in the modern day. But one day, their dimensional dominance ended, when the first Pixl ever created, now calling herself the Pixl Queen, came back, furious at what her father had done with the Pixls. She enslaved the Tribe of Ancients and cuased Pixls to rebel. During this time, the empire of the Tribe of Ancients collapses and when the Pixl Queen was eventually defeated, the damage had already been done. The Tribe of Ancients retreated to their home dimensions, the Shaman class splitting into many different groups across the universe. In Mario's dimension, Shamans faded into obscurity. Shamans started looking for new purposes. Some Shamans joined the ranks of Nimbus Land, some Shamans kept serving Star Haven, some Shamans started focussing on selling their wares and some Shamans likely started worshipping Belome. The Ancient City became its own independent political entity and became very prosperous on its own. In the modern day, Shamans in Mario's dimension are a very small group.

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