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Inhabitants Bombshell Koopas, Goombos, Chickens, Honens, Rocketons
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The Sarasaland Empire is a large empire that occupies most of the Southern Continent.[2] It is made up of four kingdoms: Muda, Chai, Easton and Birabuto and is currently ruled by Princess Daisy.

Chai Kingdom

The Chai Kingdom is the capital of the Empire, located on the southeast side of Sarasaland. It is built on top and surrounding the Sarasaland Mountains.

It is manly populated by Chickens, Bombshell Koopas, Rocketons and Pionpis, aswell as Goombos, Nyololins, Genkatosus, Piranha Plants, Bullet Biffs, Kaitensuru Honōs, Chikakos and Pompon Flowers[3]

Pagoda Peak

Pagoda Peak is a prominent temple complex situated on the summit of a tall mountain in the Chai Kingdom. Here lives a order of Koopas dedicated to training the art of kung fu under the Koopa Master.[4]

Birabuto Kingdom

Birabuto Kingdom is a kingdom located on the south side of Sarasaland, inside the Birabuto desert. It is known for its large pyramids and other ancient structures.

Its main population consists of Goombos (33,3 %), Bunbuns (21,4 %) and Bombshell Koopas (14,3 %), alongside Gaos, Flies and Piranha Plants.

It is ruled by a large Gao named King Totomesu.[5]

Muda Kingdom

Muda Kingdom is a kingdom located on the north side of Sarasaland, along the Gulf of Muda. It is the smallest kingdom in Sarasaland, and is situated partially underwater.

Its main population consists of Honens (28,0 %), Goombos (14,6 %), Yurarins (12,2%) and Bombshell Koopas (11,0 %), aswell as Yurarin Boos, Gunions, Torions, Piranha Plants and Mekabon

It is ruled by the Yurarin Dragonzamasu. [6]

Daisy Circuit

Daisy Circuit is a karting course.

Easton Kingdom

Easton Kingdom is a kingdom located on the east side of Sarasaland. It is situated on the eastern plains and predominantly features large stone head statues, similar to its main inhabitants, the Tokotoko and Batadon. It is also populated by Bombshell Koopas, Piranha Plants, Batadons, Bullet Biffs, Suus, and Kumos. it is ruled by Hiyoihoi.[7]


Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land

Sarasaland was attacked by an alien invader named Tatanga, who brainwashed its inhabitants and kidnapped Princess Daisy in order to make her his queen. Mario traveled through all four of Sarasaland's kingdoms before finally rescuing Daisy and putting an end to Tatanga's evil plans.