SNES Mario Circuit 4

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SNES Mario Circuit 4
Luigi Mario Circuit 4.jpg
Luigi racing on Mario Circuit 4.
Full name SNES Mario Circuit 4
Greater location Donut Plains
Nearby Locations
SNES Mario Circuit 4

SNES Mario Circuit 4 is a racetrack that made its debut in Super Mario Kart as the fifth course of the Star Cup. It later was reused in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as the third course of the Extra Star Cup. It is located in Donut Plains in Dinosaur Land alongside all the other Mario Circuit tracks that debuted alongside it and the new ones created for Mario Kart Tour.


A map of Mario Circuit 4.

Mario Circuit 4 has a simplistic layout that resembles a mirrored Mario Circuit 3. It is made of a paved road on a dirt field. The course starts with an immediate series of U-turns. After these, there is a long straightaway followed by another U-turn and straightaway. After this, there is another U-turn and a slightly curved roads that goes back to the starting line. This course has a few oil slicks and, at a few points, Warp Pipes that the racers must weave between. In the background, you can see tree-covered hills also visible from Donut Plains 1.