SNES Mario Circuit 3

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SNES Mario Circuit 3
Mario Circuit 3 Overview.png
An overview of Mario Circuit 3.
Full name SNES Mario Circuit 3
Greater location Donut Plains
Nearby Locations
SNES Mario Circuit 3

SNES Mario Circuit 3 is a racetrack that made its debut in Super Mario Kart as the fifth and final course of the Flower Cup. It later was reused in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as the second course of the Extra Lightning Cup, in Mario Kart Wii as the first course in the Lightning Cup, and in Mario Kart Tour in a variety of cups across a variety of tours. It is located in Donut Plains in Dinosaur Land alongside all the other Mario Circuit tracks that debuted alongside it and the new ones created for Mario Kart Tour.


A map of Mario Circuit 3.

Mario Circuit 3 has a simplistic layout that resembles a mirrored Mario Circuit 4. It is made of a paved road on a dirt field. The course starts with an immediate right turn followed by a series of turns back and forth. After that, there's a straightaway followed by a very sharp turn and another straightaway. Following that is another series of turns back and forth, with a potential shortcut for racers to take through the dirt. After the turns, there's a right turn that leads to a Boost Panel and back to the starting line. This course has a few scattered oil slicks and Warp Pipes. In the background, you can see tree-covered hills also visible from Donut Plains 1.

Alternative Layouts

This course has three other layouts that were used during Mario Kart Tour.


Toadette with Mario Circuit 3R.

The Reverse variant is mostly identical to the regular version, except driven backwards.[1].


Larry Koopa with Mario Circuit 3T.

The Trick variant has extra ramps: a set of escalating ramps at the end of the first series of turns, two massive ramps on the two straightaways near the middle of the course, and a few small ramps near the starting line. There is also a Glider Ramp in front of the shortcut near the end of the course.[2].


Princess Peach with Mario Circuit 3R/T.

The Reverse/Trick variant is nearly identical to the Reverse variant. The shortcut now is blocked by a Chain Chomp. The first major straightaway has a Glider Ramp and some platforms only accessible by using it. The second straightaway has a massive ramp similar to the regular Trick variant. There are several other ramps scattered about, including series of escalating ramps. [3].


An image of Mario collecting coins during the tournament.

During Mario Kart Wii, a tournament took place on this course four times where drivers had to collect coins on this course.

During Mario Kart Tour, this course was in a total of thirteen tours[4]:


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