Ruined Kingdom

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Ruined Kingdom
SMO Ruined Kingdom Screenshot.png

Inhabitants Ruined Dragon, bats
Capital Crumbleden
Nearby Locations
Bowser's Kingdom
Ruined Kingdom
Luncheon Kingdom

The Ruined Kingdom, as its name suggests, was a kingdom that's now left in ruins. Other than a population of bats, the Ruined Dragon remains its only known inhabitant, living in the center of Crumbleden.[1]



The proud kingdom was built with reliability and straightforwardness in mind. It's only because of this superiority of skill in construction that the towers built still remain standing.[2][3]

The people of Crumbleden built a tower in the center of the kingdom to act as a lightning rod, restraining and drawing power from the Lord of Lightning, the Ruined Dragon, to give energy to their kingdom.[4][1][5] In retaliation, the dragon decimated the people, laying the kingdom to waste, their towers left ruined, clawed, but standing regardless.

The history of the kingdom became lost, only its ruins leading the people of the present to speculate on its origins. What remains consistent is the Ruined Dragon's presence on these towers, living there all these years later.

Super Mario Odyssey

Bowser, King of the Koopas, arrived at Crumbleden to take control of the Ruined Dragon by the use of staking a Bowser-themed helmet on top of the dragon's head. While Bowser managed to take control of the dragon, the fierce struggle resulted in Crumbleden being littered with fallen stakes, buried deep within the tiles of nearby towers.

The people behind the brochures, while going over every location to write about, noticed the stakes and believed they were swords meant for battle.[6]

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario and Cappy's ship, the Odyssey, crashlanded in Crumbleden because of the Ruined Dragon's lightning blast from Bowser's direct orders.[7] The plaza previously used to restrain the dragon was used as a battlefield for Mario & Cappy to fight the Ruined Dragon. After defeating the Ruined Dragon and destroying the helmet used by Bowser to control the dragon, the Power Moons that came from his defeat allowed the Odyssey to fix itself back up for Mario & Cappy's journey to continue.

After the events of Super Mario Odyssey, Princess Peach and Tiara visited the kingdom as part of their vacation and noticed the destroyed and dangerous state of the whole kingdom.[8] Mario & Cappy also returned here to collect any spare Power Moons they may have missed.

General Information


The remaining ruins of the kingdom are a result of the people of Crumbleden's skill in construction. Their building style was reliable and straightforward, and that allows their towers to remain high above the clouds long after their history turned to speculation.

As seen with their floor tiling, they're different shapes of squares and rectangles, this pattern repeating in flat hallways or circular plazas. Their pillars and semicircular arches turned dark grey. either by design or as a result of its procedural ruin. The lower part of the wall's small indents repeats the same larger pillar and arch pattern that are the tower's walls.


Bats fly on top of the tall caved-open towers littered around the kingdom, most not afraid of flying close to the giant Ruined Dragon, who has resided there even after wiping away the people of the kingdom.


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