Raphael the Raven

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Raphael the Raven
Raphael the Raven.webp
Species Raven
Place of Origin Yoshi's Island
Residence Lavalava Island

Raphael the Raven is a Raven first seen in Yoshi's Island, where he had his size enlarged by Kamek's magic. He currently lives on Lavalava Island.


Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshis Island

Raphael Raven was a regular sized Raven residing in his own castle but when the Blue Yoshi arrived Kamek enlarged him causing the Raven to become more powerful. He proceeded to bodyslam the Yoshi so hard that it sent the Blue Yoshi and Mario all the way to the Moon[1]. Since Yoshi's Eggs were on Earth, the Yoshi had to fight Raphael the Raven by groundpounding stumping onto wear Raphael was standing. He was defeated by Yoshi sending the Raven flying into the stars.

Tetris Attack

In Tetris Attack he is one of Yoshis friends who was brainwashed by Bowser

Paper Mario

In Paper Mario Raphael the Raven is shown living on Lavalava Island with a tribe of Ravens in Jade Jungle. He has become a legend among the Yoshis with the Village Leader being the only yoshi who ever met him. Mario set out to find Raphael to help him get to Mt. Lavalava. When Mario arrived Raphael gave him an Ultra Stone and commanded a group of Ravens to build a pulley that would allow him to go to the volcano[2]

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