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A Power Star

Power Stars are powerful items filled with magical Star Power. They're often used as fuel sources and are found all throughout the universe. On Mario's Planet, the star-shaped Power Stars only appear in the Mushroom Kingdom due to the centennial Star Festival leaving a number of Power Stars behind on that continent.[1][2]

Other parts of Mario's planet have only acquainted themselves with Power Moons, which are the name given to Power Stars shaped like a crescent moon.


Power Stars are naturally shaped like a star. They are commonly yellow but appear in different colors like green and red, but their colors are simply for aesthetic purposes and don't affect their overall energy.[3][4] Power Stars also come in different shapes, such is the case of the Power Moon, which are Power Stars but shaped like a crescent moon.[5] On Mario's Planet, Power Moons break off from the Moon via solid moon rocks and land on the planet's surface.[6] Regardless of shape, Power Stars give off a noticeable radiating light.

Power Stars are filled with Star Power, a type of liquid fuel. Star Power can power a variety of machinery, such as the Comet Observatory or the entirety of New Donk City.[7] This liquid energy is squeezed out of the Power Stars, leaving the body translucent.[8][9] Most importantly, the Star Power of 120 Power Stars allows access to different worlds.[10][11]

Magic performed using said Star Power is called Star Magic. This type of magic can be utilized by attaching Star Power to an object, like a Power Star on a wand for example.[12]


Power Stars are created by Lumas transforming into them, its color depending on what color the Luma is.[13][14] Power Stars can also be created by combining 5 Mini Stars, combining 5 Silver Stars, or by combining 5 bananas.[15][16][17]

Combining 7 Power Stars together forms a Jumbo Star.[18] Another type of large Power Stars are Grand Stars which have ball points at their tips. Their Star Power compared to a Power Star is unknown, but one can power a small sun.[19]

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