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Pianta MSS.png
Habitat Isle Delfino
Coastal areas
Notable members
- Don Pianta

- Doot Doot Sisters
- Francesca
- Frankie
- Rocko
- Tony
- Vinny

Piantas are a humanoid species of strong island-dwelling people hailing from Isle Delfino. They are characterized by their large noses, colored bodies and the small palm tree that grows out of their heads, and they usually wear skirts fashioned out of leaves. Piantas are also known for their love of dancing and wrestling.


Piantas have a large pear-shaped body and can have many different colors, such as light-blue, orange, yellow or brown. They possess large feet which have two toes each, and their hands are shaped like a glove, with a thumb but no separate fingers. Their head is no visibly separate from their bodies, their eyes are two black dots and their nose is large and bulbous, sticking far out of their heads. They have no visible mouth. Although they can't grow hair, they are able to grow mustaches.

One of the Pianta's most distinguishable features is the small palm tree growing out of their heads. They each have four leaves, which are able to rotate around their trunk when the Pianta is agitated or angry. It's purpose is to provide shade from the sun.[1] Additionally, female Piantas have a flower growing from the top of their palm tree.

Every male Pianta wears a skirt made out of palm leaves tied around their waist, and female Piantas wear a simple dress fashioned much the same way, while additionally covering their chest. Besides the universally worn leaf skirts, Piantas have a wide array of clothing and are seen wearing multiple styles of clothing, from light dresses and tropical shirts, to formal wear such as business suits.


The most well known aspects of Pianta culture come from their main settlement in Isle Delfino, where they are shown to possess a variety of festivals and live a carefree and relaxing lifestyle, likely due in no small part to the sunshine and protection provided by the Shine Sprites. Their diet is varied and consists of mainly seafood and fruits. Piantas are known for their love of dancing and wrestling, although they aren't very fast. Some of them have been shown to take up sports such as baseball, where they excel at batting. Additionally, some take on the hobby of tossing people into the air as entertainment, these Piantas are known as Chucksters.

Watermelon Festival

The Watermelon Festival is a yearly contest held on Gelato Beach. Participants are tasked with collecting the largest watermelon they can find to be used to make smoothies at the Surf Cabana.

Fluff Festival

The Fluff Festival is a seasonal event that occurs in Pianta Village when several fluffs are lifted away carried by the wind. Piantas from all around the village gather together to dance and play music.

Blooper Surfing

Blooper Surfing is an activity that involves taming little Bloopers and riding on their backs across the water. It is commonly seen around Ricco Harbor, where competitions are also held in a large track built inside the port. It is seen as a bizarre hobby by some Piantas.


Generally seen living on the coast, Piantas can be seen living in many different settlements, from small villages to large towns.


Ancient History

First appearing in Isle Delfino, not much is known about the origins of Piantas, but it is said that they are “born of the mountains”.[2] During ancient times, they lived on a village held by a giant tree on top of a giant pit to escape wild beasts.[1] Given the Piantas originated from deep in the mountains, it’s likely they migrated to the Bianco Hills area first, before moving on to the coast.


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