New Donk City

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New Donk City
Other Names The city that never leaps[1]

The Big Banana
Big Ape City

Greater location Metro Kingdom
Inhabitants New Donkers
Points of Interest New Donk City Hall

Construction Site

Nearby Locations
New Donk City

New Donk City is a giant city within the Metro Kingdom. Pauline is its current mayor. Mario and Luigi lived there for most of their young adult lives. Cranky Kong, who at the time was called Donkey Kong, likely named after the city, also lived there for a period of time.


New Donk City Hall

Bottle Factory

Cement Factory

Construction Site

New Donk City sewers

Crazy Cap flagship store

Converted from an old theater known as the Dixie Theater, it is the first store in the globally known Crazy Cap franchise. It sells clothing items such as the Builder Helmet, Builder Outfit, Golf Cap, Golf Outfit, Black Fedora, and the Black Suit.

Underground Power Plant

A large underground facility that powers New Donk City utilizing Power Moons as fuel.


Donkey Kong

In Donkey Kong, a Construction Site in the city was invaded by Cranky Kong after kidnapping Pauline. She was rescued by Mario, who followed the Kong to the top of the Site and defeated him by dropping the girder he was standing on.

Donkey Kong (Game Boy)

Donkey Kong Land

Super Mario Odyssey

During the events of Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser invaded New Donk City while preparing for his wedding after kidnapping Princess Peach. He used a large Mechawiggler to steal the city's power, while also deactivating the New Donk City power plant and filling the city with advertisements to his wedding. Sherms and Goombas patrolled the city while Piranha Plants infested the undergrounds. Aboard the Odyssey, Mario and Cappy followed in hot pursuit to the Kingdom, and confronted the Mechawiggler perched on top of the City Hall.

After defeating it and ridding the city of all the advertisement, the duo aided Pauline in fixing the city's power plant and assembling a band to perform at the New Donk City Festival, before moving on to Luncheon Kingdom.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

New Donk City served as a golf course during the Mario Golf: Super Rush tournament.


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