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SMBW Nabbit.png
Nabbit in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Species Unknown
Residence Secret Island (possible)

Nabbit is a mysterious thief who likes stealing from everywhere and everyone. He's been helping in some of Mario's recent adventures, but that doesn't mean he's their ally. Rather, he's just keeping a close eye on him and his friends.


Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Nabbit was first spotted by Bowser Jr., who wanted Nabbit to join his army due to the sack he was carrying.[1]

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Throughout the chaos of the Paper World inhabitants pouring into the Mushroom Kingdom, Nabbit infiltrated Peach's Castle and stole the Bros. Attacks that the Toads were keeping in storage. He successfully escaped the castle, with only a Red Shell and Fire Flower escaping his sack.[2]

Nabbit proved to be a nuisance to Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario's adventure. In Doop Doop Dunes, he ambushed the three and tried to run off with their hammers.[3] The Lakitu Center would report Nabbit's whereabouts for the three to get all of their Bros. Attacks back gradually.

Nabbit was last encountered on Neo Bowser Castle, where he had managed to infiltrate and was on the run after he had stolen Bowser's prized possessions, including crumpled-up balls of the paper minions.[4] He played on both sides, fighting the trio when he was alone, and fighting alongside them when one of Bowser's minions cornered him (even healing the three as a short truce).

Throughout the victory parade doubling as chasing any lingering paper inhabitants back to the Paper World, Nabbit stole a melon from a Yoshi in Twinsy Tropics before running away. More and more Yoshis joined the chase before Nabbit tripped on Mount Brrr and let go of the melon.[5]

New Super Mario Bros. U

Nabbit noticed Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and Toadette had been thrown to Acorn Plains by Bowser's Airship. When they recovered, they ran after Peach's Castle with Nabbit chasing after them.[6]

The reason for this is revealed to document the group. Noting down how many Coins they've collected, Goombas stomped, Goal Poles reached, how many times he'd been caught by the group. Nabbit recorded it all down in his hideout on a Secret Island. Alongside all of the items and character flags he stole, a scrap of paper with a drawing depicting the Super Crown was stuck on a barrel, so his attention was also set on Toadette.[7]

Aside from that, he would also steal from the Toad Houses, causing Mario and friends to chase him down and return the stolen goods.

Mario Golf: World Tour

Nabbit participated in Mario Golf: World Tour.[8]

Mario Party 10

Nabbit would appear to steal one of Bowser's dice blocks if the team landed on a space allowing that to happen.[9]

Dr. Mario World

Nabbit joined the fight against the Viruses that were plaguing the Mushroom Kingdom and outer space. He used his same stealing bag for stealing, now haphazardly rebranded to be a medicine bag for medicine.

Mario Kart Tour

Nabbit participated in Mario Kart Tour. Just like in Mario Golf: World Tour, his eyes were animated.[10]

Mario Golf: Super Rush

While making no visible appearance, his name appeared on leaderboards, implying he participated in a number of Mario Golf: Super Rush tournaments.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nabbit followed Mario and friends after they had been invited to the Flower Kingdom by Prince Florian.[11] Naturally, Bowser's invasion of the kingdom led to Mario and friends jumping into action. Nabbit followed the group, now explicitly stated to be keeping an eye on the group.[12]

Nabbit, along with the rest of the group, witnessed Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yellow Toad returning from Castle Bowser. When he stepped closer, a Yellow Yoshi glanced at him, causing him to freak out a bit.[13]


A lot of Nabbit's abilities are what he can pull out of his sack. Whether it be spiked balls, enemies, etc. It's possible he may have stolen some Power Stars too, as he can perform a variety of Star Magic which includes teleportation[14] and creating a weak duplicate.[15]


Nabbit is neither an enemy nor ally.[12] He's a skilled sticky-fingered thief that likes to keep an eye on Mario and his friends,[16] and he will take anything he wants to take before running off with his quick feet.[17] His bandana was drawn to have sharp teeth to make him look scary.[18] However, although he likes showing up whenever there's something worth nabbing,[19] he holds back on his thieving tendencies during battle.[20]

Nabbit does get tired eventually, and he will take the time when not running away to take a quick nap.[4] He also gets tired when doing straining tasks such as hitting a golf ball.[8] And, when under extreme loss, he'll hide inside of his own sack.[21]

Aside from material goods to take, Nabbit also likes taking notes on others, most importantly Mario and anyone close to him.[7] Truly a mystery to all.[20]


Mario & Friends

Nabbit finds Mario and his friends to be a very interesting bunch, preferring to observe and write down their actions from very close-up.[12]

The Yoshi's

Nabbit seems to be on edge with the Yoshis, once glancing away whenever a Yellow Yoshi stared at him.[13] It's likely that his failed theft of their melon caused this.[5]


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