Mushroom City

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Mushroom City
MKDD MushroomCity.webp

Greater location Mushroom Continent
Inhabitants Koopa Troopas, Goombas, Shy Guys, Toads, Yoshis,
Nearby Locations
Cheep Cheep Beach
Toad City Mushroom City
Moonview Highway
Cheese Land

Mushroom City is a location in the Mushroom Kingdom it is located northeast of Toad City. It is a modern city with lots of skyscrapers, most of which resemble mushrooms.


Mushroom City

Mushroom City is a large city with multiple different intersecting roads. There are various buildings and skyscrapers that are structured to resemble mushrooms.

Moonview Highway

Shroom City

Town Area

Seaside Area

Jungle Area

Horror Area

Snow Area

Desert Area

Nearby Locations

GCN Mario Circuit

Mushroom Bridge


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