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Mario vs. Donkey Kong was about Mario saving stolen Mini Mario toys from Donkey Kong.


Mario's fame has inspired him to start his own toy company where he sells toy versions of himself: Mini Marios. They also sell other toys based on his previous adventures.[1]

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Donkey Kong is scrolling through some TV channels when he notices that Mini Mario toys are available for purchase. He really likes them, so he heads to a nearby toy store, but finds that they're all sold out. Donkey Kong then spots the Mario Toy Company building.[2] Donkey Kong breaks inside the factory and steals the Mini Marios. Mario himself then appears to chase after Donkey Kong.[3]

Mario chases Donkey Kong through several locations; Donkey Kong Jungle, Fire Mountain,Merry Mini-Land, Spooky House, Slippery Summit, Mystic Forest, and Twilight City[4][5][6][7][8]

Everyone returns back to New Donk City and Donkey Kong finds out that his entire sack of Mini Marios has been emptied. Mario laughs at him, the Mini Marios laugh at him, and the Toads laugh at him. Donkey Kong then kidnaps the Toads and climbs up the Mario Toy Company building.[9] After a fierce fight, Donkey Kong falls off the building and lands on a Mario Toy Company truck. Mario asks if he's okay, but then Donkey Kong steals the Mini Marios that fell off the truck.[10]

The second chase goes through the same locations. Back in New Donk City again, Donkey Kong empties his sack to still find a spare few Mini Marios inside. Grabbing them by hand, Donkey Kong enters a giant mech of his own and fights Mario with it.[11] After destroying the mech, Mario offers Donkey Kong a free Mini Mario, and everyone becomes happy.[12]


  • The Mario Toy Company begins selling their brand new Mini Mario toys.
  • This game features a lot of references to BS Super Mario USA with some of the mini toys potentially being inspired by Mario’s adventures in that game.
  • Donkey Kong goes to New Donk City, likely placing this game after Donkey Kong Land.
  • Red Bob-ombs appear as enemies and have fuses, placing this game prior to them becoming peaceful as they are seen in Super Mario 64 and Paper Mario.
  • Mario meets Donkey Kong seemingly for the first time, calling him a “big monkey”, and the two fight over the Mini Mario Toys, placing this game before future titles in which Mario and Donkey Kong are friends.


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