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Mario Party 3 was a lengthy fetch quest of collecting the 7 Star Stamps in order to be deemed the greatest Super Star in the universe.


The Millennium Star is born, which is an occurrence that only happens once in a thousand years. Legend states that whoever possessed this mystical star was destined to become the Super Star of the universe.

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong were relaxing in front of Peach's Castle when the false Millennium Star crashed down in front of them. Believing it's the real Millennium Star, the group began to discuss who would possess the star. A Lakitu then came down with a toybox, suggesting to the group to hold a Mario Party to decide.

The false Millennium Star then gave off a bright light, transporting the world around them into the toy box. Tumble then awakes to host this Mario Party alongside the imposter Millennium Star.[1]

To determine the worthiness of possessing the Millennium Star, the imposter tells them to adventure across many lands and collect the 7 Star Stamps for their handy stamp card representing many attributes; wit, kindness, strength, love, courage, beauty, and mischief.[2] Koopa Kid, hearing about this promise, goes to tell Bowser of this quest. Bowser would afterward impede the group's efforts in gaining these Star Stamps, even wanting to have them for himself so he can become the Super Star of the universe.

At Chilly Waters, the Wit Star Stamp is given but then required a duel at Gate Guy's Duel Map with Wario.[3][4][5]

At the deep dark Deep Bloober Sea, the Super Star fights for the Kindness Star Stamp, but then required a duel at Arrowhead's Duel Map against Yoshi.[6][7][8]

Then it was off to Spiny Desert for the Strength Star Stamp, but a dispute with Donkey Kong got finished at Pipesqueak's Duel Map.[9][10][11]

The vast Woody Woods was next, all for the Love Star Stamp. But a surprise; Princess Peach wants to duel for the stamp so they fight at Blowhard's Duel Map.[12][13][14]

Inside the fantastic rocky Creepy Cavern, the Courage Star Stamp is held as the prize. But Mario is here to say that his courage is better than the rest, so they duke and duel it out at Mr. Mover's Duel Map.[15][16][17]

The quest for the Beauty Star Stamp is then interrupted by a surprise cameo: Princess Daisy has appeared. Her beauty immediately wins over the false star's heart and she almost automatically won the stamp, but the fake star is then brought back to reality for her to duel at Backtrack's Duel Map.[18][19]

It is then that the last stamp, the Mischief Star Stamp, must be won. Shockingly, Waluigi is here and he has taken the stamp hostage inside a cage.[20] Bowser tries fighting Waluigi, but this miscreant is too powerful for the Koopa King. The up-and-coming Super Star must now play on Waluigi's Island, a place filled with tricks and traps.[21] The stamp is then saved from captivity.[22]

After collecting all of the stamps, it is up to the Super Star to battle the false Millennium Star as their final test. Shooting the falling stars right back at him, the Super Star has won and is now wishing to become the greatest Super Star in the universe. But unfortunately, the fake Millennium Star ends this gig and reveals that he is not the real Millennium Star, afterwards fleeing away.

Before the Super Star can fully succumb to despair, Tumble opens up his dice hat to reveal the real Millennium Star, who has been watching everything happening through Tumble's eyes. The Millennium Star then returns everything back to normal and deems the Super Star the greatest Super Star in the universe.[23]


  • Princess Daisy makes an appearance, placing this game after Super Mario Land.
  • Waluigi appears seemingly for the first time, having to introduce himself to the rest of the cast.
  • Waluigi destroys Luigi’s home and moves in on what was once Luigi’s Island.
  • Red Bob-ombs still have fuses here in Dizzy Dinghies, unlike in Paper Mario and Super Mario 64.


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