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Mario Kart 8, also known as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, was a Grand Prix tournament between several of Mario's friends, including some from other worlds.


The Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix was scheduled a while ago, with some racers preparing themselves for the race. Bowser was notified of the tournament and even Luigi was practicing his mean stare toward other drivers according to Paper Mario: Color Splash.[1][2]

The roster of this Grand Prix went as follows:

What was special about this Grand Prix were the anti-gravity modifications done on the wheels that could stick itself to the walls and ceilings, allowing whole new opportunities with creating a versatile course for the racers.

The tournament was split into 12 tournament cups, two of them dedicated to the new racers that came from another world. Later games will give details as to how the Grand Prix went; one of the Baby Mario Bros. managed to win the Egg Cup and brought it back to their time period, as seen in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.[3] Luigi's kart was also noticed by Bowser to be slower than usual during the Grand Prix, revealed to be due to the key to Peach's Castle being stuck in one of its exhaust pipes, as discovered in Paper Mario: The Origami King.[4]

Before, during, or after the Grand Prix, the racers battled against eachother in Battle Mode. While the classic Balloon Battle and Coin Runners returned back again, some modes returned for this Grand Prix such as the return of Shine Thief and Bob-omb Blast. Some new modes were also introduced, such as Renegade Roundup, a "cops and robbers" style game.

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