Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

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‘’’Mario Kart: Double Dash!!’’’ was a Mario Kart Grand Prix tournament.


This Mario Kart tournament was different compared to most other tournaments as it had 2 racers in 1 kart[1]. Like Mario Kart Arcade GP the racers raced in more unique kart models compared to the pipe frames karts used in past tournaments. The roster was also larger, featuring more racers with it being the first ever tournament for most of them:

Each duo also had their own special items that only they could use such as Donkey Kong and Diddy who’s special item was a Giant Banana as only they knew where such large fruit could be found[2].

Locations Visited


  • Toadette, Princess Daisy, Bowser Jr., Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Birdo and Diddy Kong all appear in Mario Kart Arcade GP. but they're all playable in this title, perhaps indicating that this takes place after Mario Kart Arcade GP.
  • Lakitu has new race start lights in this game, which are also used in later Mario Kart titles, suggesting this game takes place after previous games featuring the old race start lights.
  • Multiple ghost portraits from Luigi’s Mansion appear in a race course based on the Mansion from the same game. King Boo has been released from his portrait and appears as a racer.
  • Toadette appears as a racer in her pink outfit, placing this after Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door.
  • This game takes place after Super Mario Sunshine, as it features Bowser Jr.
  • This game has multiple tracks that take place around Isle Delfino, suggesting a post Super Mario Sunshine placement.
  • Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong appear, with this being Diddy’s first Mario Kart Tournament.
  • Baby characters appear, placing this game after Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
  • Likely happens after Warioware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! as Wario has the Wario Pharmacy brand.
  • The website states this game is Baby Luigi’s debut appearance, but not Baby Mario’s, making this the first sporting event where Baby Luigi was brought along. The Instruction Booklet supports this, stating that this is the first time Baby Luigi appeared in front of a crowd, being much more shy than his older brother.