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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon was Luigi's second paranormal adventure to stop King Boo from causing chaos in Evershade Valley and rescuing his older twin brother Mario.


One night Professor E. Gadd was working in the Gloomy Manor's Lab. E. Gadd was working on his latest work with his newly found ghostly friends.[1] While he was working with the Greenies, a mysterious figure was traveling across the sky and destroyed the Dark Moon that affected the surrounding area of Evershade Valley.[2] Various Shards of the Dark Moon landed to the areas of the valley and caused a thick purple fog to appear. The destruction of the Dark Moon caused the once friendly ghosts to become hostile towards E. Gadd. Seeing the trouble he was about to be in. E. Gadd fled out of Gloomy Manor to his Bunker nearby.[3]

Meanwhile, Luigi was sleeping in his home that he gained from the money from his last ghostly adventure.[4] Luigi was then disturbed from his sleep when his TV started to static and making noise. A curious Luigi went to inspect it when Professor E. Gadd appeared on screen, scaring Luigi in the process.[5] Professor E. Gadd told Luigi he needed his help as the ghosts have become hostile and used his new invention the Pixelator. Luigi trying to escape ended up getting pixelated into his TV to E. Gadd's Bunker. [6]

Upon his arrival, Professor E. Gadd was happy to see his old friend. He explained to Luigi that he has been continuing his paranormal research, asking Luigi if he also has been adventuring with his "daredevil brother." In fact, E. Gadd since their lastadventure has become a leader in paranormal research. But E. Gadd decided to cut to the chase and explain to Luigi what their current predicament is.[7] The Professor explained to Luigi how the Dark Moon works, which makes the ghosts in the valley docile. He further explains that the Dark Moon has gone missing. E. Gadd became concerned that if he and Luigi don't solve this mystery the ghosts may escape the valley and terrorize the rest of the world. Luckily, E. Gadd had found a piece of the [[]]Dark Moon on his way back to his bunker, which means Luigi had to go around the Valley to find the remaining pieces.[8] The plucky Professor makes note that the fragment is corrupted by some sort of energy and used his new invention to fix it. The cleansing of the Dark Moon fragment had cleared up some of the fog surrounding the nearby Mansion. With this, E. Gadd had set the plan in motion for Luigi to the Gloomy Manor to find the remaining pieces of the Dark Moon.[9] From their, E. Gadd sent Luigi to the Gloomy Manor to find the Poltergust 5000 to defend himself from the hostile ghosts.[10]

Once gaining the Poltergust 5000, Luigi continued to explore the Gloomy Manor.[11] As he continued Luigi also gained a new invention of E. Gadd called the Dark-Light Device, which allowed Luigi to reveal hidden objects.[12][13] Along the way, Luigi and [[Professor E. Gadd|E. Gadd] had discovered that Boos are involved in causing havoc across the valley. With this knowledge in mind, Luigi must capture Boos to prevent further trouble in the valley along with finding the Dark Moon pieces.[14] As Luigi continued exploring the Manor, he ventured into the basement where he encountered a giant spider. Which Luigi found was being possessed by a Possessor ghost. After a tough battle, Luigi defeated the Possessor and gained a piece of the Dark Moon.[15] [16]

With the second piece gained Luigi returned to the bunker where E. Gadd had uncorrupted the fragment. Once cleaned of its corrupted energy, the fog lifted further allowing Luigi to access the Haunted Towers.[17] Professor E. Gadd informed Luigi of the intricate plumbing system that the Towers had in order to further investigate the Towers and find the third Dark Moon piece.[18] After dealing with some ghosts, Luigi was able to get the plumbing system back up and running. This allowed Luigi to get to the giant tree where to explore for the next piece.[19] Luigi's progress was halted when the ghosts caused the way to the giant tree to be blocked by stealing parts of the pinwheel to open the gate.[20] Luigi was able to gain them back and find the passage to the top of the Tree.[21] Unfortunately the passage became blocked which could only be found by a key.[22] Professor E. Gadd found in the Tower's records that a key to unlock the passage way is in the Tower's Crypt.[23] Luigi found his way into the Tower's Graveyard where the Crypt was located.[24] In there he found a trapped Toad which E. Gadd recognized that he had some Toads assist him in researching the various locations in Evershade Valley.[25][26] The Professor explained to Luigi to bring the Toad to the Pixelator Screens as he couldn't Pixelate both of them at the same time.[27] As Toad and Luigi were exiting the Graveyard, Luigi encountered the Ghosts of the Three Sisters.[28] They attacked Luigi and Toad, but Luigi was able to capture them using the Poltergust 5000.[29] Once Luigi was able to return Toad to the lab, Luigi and E. Gadd had examined the photo that Toad took which allowed them to find the whereabouts of the Key unlock the Tower's hidden Passage to the top of the Hollow Tree.[30][31] Luigi worked his way to the Tower's pool area, after handling some ghosts, Luigi was able to get the key.[32][33] Though Luigi's joy was soon halted when a mischievous Polterpup stole the key from him.[34] Luigi returned to find the playful pup.[35] After a big chase around the Haunted Towers Luigi was able to capture the Polterpup and get the key for the passage.[36] Though the tricky pup escaped Luigi's vacuum somehow when Luigi returned to the Bunker.[37] Luigi scaled the Hallow Tree and faced the next Possessor that possessed the stairs to the Treehouse.[38] Luigi was able to defeat the Possessor and gain the third Dark Moon piece.[39][40]

After returning the third piece, E. Gadd saw that the Old Clockworks area was now free from the fog.[41] Luigi ventured to the Old Clockworks to find the next piece. While Luigi explored the abandoned Clock Building, he found another Toad Assistant.[42] Thanks to the Toad Assistant's photo, it was revealed that the next Dark Moon piece at the top of the clock tower.[43] Luigi faced another Possessor and got the 4th Dark Moon piece.[44][45] Luigi returned to the Bunker and E. Gadd uncorrupted the new piece which lifted the fog for Luigi's next destination of the Secret Mine.[46] Luigi found another Toad Assistant[47] and the photo revealed that the Boos were mining crystals and doing something with the ghosts with them.[48] E. Gadd sent Luigi down to the mining area to see what the Boos were doing. At the mine, Luigi and E. Gadd discovered that the Boos were using the Crystals that was mined to make the ghosts of the valley stronger[49][50], which did not spell good news for Luigi. After removing the ice from the gondolas to get to the abandoned Workshop[51], Luigi ventured in and dealt with the 5th Possessor and gained the 5th Dark Moon piece.[52][53] The piece revealed the last area for the final piece which was in Treacherous Mansion.[54]

E. Gadd presented Luigi with the key to get into the Treacherous Mansion.[55] Once Luigi got to the door of the Mansion, Polterpup once again caused trouble for Luigi by taking the key.[56] Luigi chased after the mischievous pup and managed to capture him.[57] This time he stayed captured.[58] Luigi finally ventured in and found two Toad Assistants[59][60] which Luigi returned to the Bunker.[61] The Toads showed a picture revealing who the perpetrator of destroying the Dark Moon was none other than King Boo.[62] The photo also revealed that Mario was captured by him in a painting again.[63] E. Gadd sent Luigi to find the Train Exhibit room where they were located. Luigi found that the Boos and King Boo were inside the miniature exhibit.[64] E. Gadd modified his Pixelator to transport Luigi inside and Luigi encounter a newly made Boolossus. The mission was difficult as King Boo opened a paranormal portal that was causing an imbalance on reality. After Luigi stopped King Boo's minions, he ventured into the portal and stopped the last possessor getting the last piece of the Dark Moon. E. Gadd used his pixelator to send Luigi back to the Bunker, although only the Dark Moon piece returned.

King Boo intercepted Luigi's return and brought him to his domain. King Boo was ready to enact his revenge on Luigi and rule the world. Luigi despite his fears fought against the evil ghostly king. After a long and scary battle, Luigi prevailed, returning back to the Treacherous Manor with King Boo's Crown and Mario. Professor E. Gadd arrived reminding Luigi to use the Dark-Light Device to free Mario from his painted prison. With Mario freed, the two loving brothers reunited and Mario proudly congratulated his baby brother. The Toads arrived with the Dark Moon pieces and Luigi and the Toads reformed the Dark Moon. The ghosts of the valley and the ones Luigi had captured had become docile again. E. Gadd freed the ghosts and the ghosts celebrated their restoration with their new friends. Polterpup also approached Luigi in guilt as he felt bad for causing Luigi trouble throughout his adventure. Luigi accepted the playful pup and he embraced Luigi in happiness. With peace restored, the group took a group photo which Luigi has in his home. Luigi proud of his accomplishments, went to take a much deserved rest in his chair. Though he was interrupted by Polterpup who laid on Luigi's lap and the two fell asleep.

Locations Visited


  • The Poltergust 5000 appears, placing this game after the events of Mario Kart DS.
  • Tiki Tak Tribe spears appear, likely placing this title after the events of Donkey Kong Country Returns.
  • Luigi visits Gloomy Manor for the first time in this game, placing it before other titles where the manor appears.
  • Luigi adopts the Polterpup in this game, placing it prior to other games where the Polterpup appears.
  • King Boo is recaptured in this game, placing it after previous titles in which he was free.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, the Big Boo that appears in this title shares a name with Boolossus. If this character is indeed Boolossus, this title likely takes place after the events of Mario Kart DS, in which Boolossus is seen to still be trapped within a painting.
  • King Boo mentions Baby Luigi in this game, placing it at least after the earliest point in which those two characters could've met, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.


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