Larry Koopa

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Larry Koopa
Larry Koopa NSMBU.webp
Full name Larry Koopa
Species Koopa
Residence Koopa Kingdom
Age 13[1]

Larry Koopa is the youngest member of the Koopalings, a group composed of seven siblings who lead the Koopa Troop.


Super Mario Bros 3

In Super Mario Bros. 3, Larry and his siblings were sent by Bowser to the cause havoc in the Mushroom World. Larry decided to raid Grass Land; when he got there, he attacked the a Toad that was the King's attendent, stole the magic wand and transformed Grass Land's King into a Cobrat. The King's attendent warned Mario and Luigi of the kingdom's situation and the Bros. came there to help. After the Bros. go all through the Airship, they fight Larry in his cabin; the Koopaling lost the fight and the Bros. returned the King to normal.

Super Mario World

In Super Mario World, Bowser and the Koopalings invaded Dinosaur Land to conquer the area. Larry chose to build his castle close to Bowser's in Valley of Bowser. After Mario and Luigi pass through the Sunken Ghost Ship, an Airship used by the Koopa Troop to arrive at Dinosaur Land that crash-landed in the ocean, they finally enter Valley of Bowser. After exploring the area, the Bros. manage to get inside Larry's castle. Larry fights Mario and Luigi once again and lost, giving the Bros. a free pass to Bowser's castle.