King Bob-omb

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King Bob-omb
King Bob-omb SMP.webp
Species Bob-Omb
Residence Bob-omb Battlefield
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop

King Bob-omb is the leader of the black Bob-ombs and member of the Koopa Troop.


Super Mario 64

King Bob-omb was the leader of the black Bob-ombs during the war against their enemy the Pink Bob-ombs that took place on Bob-omb Battlefield. He was given a Power Star by Bowser and his army of black Bob-ombs were able to secure most of the battlfield. After Mario, Luigi and Wario were kidnapped by the Koopa Troop, Yoshi arrived and battled King Bob-omb. Yoshi was able to sucessfully defeat King Bob-omb and the king surrendered the Power Star. After the black Bob-ombs were defeated by the pink Bob-ombs, King Bob-Omb returned to Bob-omb Battlefield with another Power Star from Bowser but he was defeated again and left the battlefield[1].

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

In Mario Golf Toadstool Tour Bob-omb Battlefield was used as golf couse by Princess Peach. King Bob-omb was on top of the mountain near where the cup was placed.

Mario Party 5

King Bob-omb and a duplicate of himself appear in the minigame "Defuse or Lose".

Mario Party Advance

In Mario Party Advance King Bob-omb is the leader of the Bob-omb Gang which protects Shroom City and is located in the basement of Mushroom Condo[2]. When Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi arrived King Bob-omb was suprised how they were able to find him and tells them not to tell anyone about his location. Noticing a firey look in their eyes, King Bob-omb challenged the 4 of them to a dice game promising a gadget if they were to win. The 4 of them win and King Bob-omb give them the Stress Press Gadget. He later retired as the boss of the Bob-omb Gang and went to live in the jungle.

Bowser Jr.'s Journey

During the events of Bowser Jr.'s Journey He alongside Captain Goomba, Captain Koopa Troopa, Captain Shy Guy and Captain Boo fought Bowser Junior in a test of indurance[3].

Mario Superstar Baseball

He appears in Bob-Omb Derby

Mario Party 8

He again appeas with a duplicate of himself in the minigame "You're the Bob-Omb".

Mario Kart DS

King Bob-omb battled Wario in Mario Kart DS's Mission Mode. He attacked by using Bob-ombs but was defeated by Wario[4].

Mario Super Sluggers

In Super Mario Sluggers He appeared on the Bowser's Castle Stadium riding in a Clown Car dropping Bob-ombs on opponents[5].

Mario Party 9

King Bob-omb and a Whomp were summoned by Bowser to guard over the Mini Stars Bowser stole. When Mario and friends arrived at Bowser's supersecret Bob-omb Factory he tries to stop them from getting the stars. He was defeated by Mario and friends and he surrended over the stars.

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam

During the events of Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam King Bob-omb alongside Iggy, Lemmy and Morton were on the top of Mount Brrr firing cardboard throughout the land. Later when Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario made it to the summit of Mount Brrr they battled King Bob-omb on a time limit later defeating him on time[6]

Mario Party Island Tour

While King Bob-omb himself does not appear, a Bubble Clone of the king appears as an obstacle on the 20th floor of Bowser's Tower.

Mario Golf World Tour

King Bob-omb participated in the Mario Golf World Tour tournament as his name is seen on the tournaments scoreboard.

Mario Party Star Rush

In Mario Party Star Rush He appears in the boss minigame "King Bob-omb's D'etat" where Bob-ombs must be thrown back at him.

Mario Party The Top 100

Just like in Mario Party 5 He appears in the minigame "Defuse or Lose".

Super Mario Party

In Super Mario Party He appears in King Bob-omb's Powderkeg Mine during the party held to decide who would become a Super Star. If anyone lands on a event space a countdown will tick down, when it reaches 0 King Bob will explode causing anyone near him to lose half of their coins[7]. After the explosion he returns.

Dr Mario World

He appears as an assistant who helps the doctors fight the different Viruses.

Mario Kart Tour

King Bob-omb took part in the Mario Kart Tour Grand Prix, the special item He used was the Giga Bob-omb. He also used a Gold Flower to race in his Gold form.

Mario Golf Super Rush

King Bob-omb took part in a golf tournament during Mario Golf Super Rush. He is a Power type and his special shot is Bob-ombs Away. His dash move is Kaboom Dash where a group of Bob-ombs carry him to the hole[8].


Despite being evil, King Bob-omb acts in a very regal and gentleman-like way and is willing to admit defeat and compliment those who defeat him[9]. He is very proud of his mustache and sees mustaches in general as a form of power. He believes that anyone without a mustache such as Yoshi is inferior and weak[10].



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