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MPS Kamek Artwork.png
Species Magikoopa
Residence Koopa Kingdom

Kamek is an old Magikoopa who raised Bowser and ruled the Koopa Kingdom when the Koopa King was a baby. He currently acts as the Koopa Troop's second-in-command and Bowser's Royal Advisor. He also is Bowser Jr.'s caretaker.


Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island

One night prior to the events of this game, Kamek divined that two babies that would be born in the next morning, Mario and Luigi, would bring disaster to the Royal Koopa Family. To prevent this from happening, Kamek attacked the Stork that was carrying the twins, who was on his way to deliver them home. He managed to kidnap Baby Luigi and the Stork, but Baby Mario fell towards Yoshi's Island and onto the lap of a Yoshi. When he returned to Bowser's Castle, he realized that one of the babies was missing, he then ordered his Toadies to find and capture the baby. When the Yoshi invaded Bowser's Castle, the evil Magikoopa tried to prevent the dinosaur from reaching Bowser's room, but he failed and the Yoshi got there. The wizard tried to convince the Yoshi to handle the baby to him, but the noise made by him woke up the young Prince of the Koopas, who decided to beat up Kamek and fight the Yoshi, because he wanted to ride the dinosaur. Baby Bowser was defeated and, suddenly, Kamek appeared in the room and used his magic to make the Koopa Prince bigger. Baby Bowser fought Yoshi once again and was defeated, causing Kamek to complain and grab him. The two fled towards the moon as the Yoshi saved Luigi and the Stork.

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