Jimmy T

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Jimmy T
JimmyT GiT.jpg
Full name Jimmy Thang
Species Human
Residence Diamond City
Affiliation(s) WarioWare, Inc., Club Sugar

Jimmy T is a human in Diamond City who works as a dancer at Club Sugar and as a game developer at WarioWare Inc. He has a passion for both cell-phone ringtones and dancing. His passion for dancing is so extreme that it has previously interfered with his relationships. However, he is childhood friends with Wario, and has a family who is similarly passionate about dancing.


Early life

Jimmy and Wario have been friends since childhood, with Wario frequently sending him emails. He also received his cell phone from Dr. Crygor.

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

Jimmy T was called by Wario and was asked to develop a batch of microgames to be put inside the game that's being developed by his new company: WarioWare, Inc. Jimmy developed his microgames and themed them after sports and sent them to Wario.

On February 28th, Jimmy began writing a diary, like several other employees of WarioWare Inc.. He also assisted Kat and Ana in setting up their diary. This led to him running out of time to send his email collection.

On March 1st, Jimmy dances thrice at Club Sugar- once with a blue afro, after which he received an email of a dog barking, once with a yellow afro, after which he received an email of a sheep baaing, and once with a red afro, after which he received an email of Wario. He also walked over to the Gelateria, being the first to arrive there (other than Joe).

On March 2nd, Jimmy attended the game tournament at 9-Volt's house- however, due to the events of the previous day, he was very tired. On March 3rd, he received Kat and Ana's email. Over the next day, he exchanged many emails with them. They also gave him Mona's email, and he exchanged some emails with her as well.

On March 8th, he attended the barbeque, where he brought an ice goby that Wario ate. The next day, Jimmy came down with a cold. Over the next few days, he and Ana (who was also sick) exchanged many emails. After he recovered, he also received 9-Volt's email.

On March 17th, he saw Mona's mother walking around town, but mistook her for Mona's sister. He emailed Mona, asking for her "sister"'s email address. However, Mona was confused by this.

On March 20th, Jimmy went on a trip to space with the other employees in a spaceship built by Crygor. Due to the time dilation, he and the other employees did not return until April 15th.

On March 21st, WarioWare released, to resounding success. At some point after the group returned, Wario attempted to steal all the profits, shocking Jimmy, but Wario fell into the sea.

While Jimmy was gone, a new dancer was hired at Club Sugar, Mr. Yohitomi. The two became fast friends. Jimmy also attempted to buy a new phone. However, he decided to wait a little longer, as he had only bought a new phone recently.

On April 19th, Jimmy ran into Orbulon, who gave him the feedback email. One fan said they hated Jimmy's games the most, shocking him. He gave the emails to Mona.

On April 23rd, Jimmy began feeling moody after Mona said she liked Mr. Yohitomi's dance better. Not long afterwards, Jimmy stopped writing in his diary to practice dancing more.

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!

At some point, Jimmy got a girlfriend. However, this girlfriend did not approve of Jimmy's passion for dancing. One evening, she asked him to choose between her or dancing. Right then, music came on, and the rhythm made Jimmy begin to dance. His girlfriend left, much to Jimmy's despair. AOn August 8th, Jimmy wrote the diary for that day, after having played Survival Fever all night.

WarioWare: Twisted!

WarioWare: Touched!

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

WarioWare: D.I.Y.

Game & Wario

WarioWare Gold

Wario Calls Jimmy and asks him to make some microgames for the Wario Bowl. While the Wario Bowl is going on, when Jimmy is walking down Sapphire Street, A cat jumps into Jimmy's hair and perches herself on top of it, unbeknownst to Jimmy. After this, Jimmy gets approached by two college students, Amy and Mimi, who ask for a picture of his cat. Jimmy obliges, thinking they wanted a picture of him instead of the cat. After taking a few pictures, Mimi sends Jimmy the best shot, that being of the cat. Jimmy then realizes they were fans of the cat and not him. [1] Later on, Jimmy and some of his co-workers help fill up Club Joe. [2] After the Wario Bowl had concluded, the revenue was split amongst all of Wario's co-workers after Wario attempted to flee with the money. [1]

WarioWare: Get it Together!

Over at WarioWare Inc., Jimmy and the rest of the employees finished the development of their newest console, his task being creating a level featuring his own microgames. However, the Supreme Developer sucked everyone inside to fix a bug Wario had caused during development.[2][3]


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