Isle Delfino

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Isle Delfino is a large tropical island in the shape of a dolphin, located exactly on the equator of Mario's Planet. It is known as the home of the Piantas and the Noki.


Delfino Plaza

"Tourists get off the ferries here, in Isle Delfino's largest city. Attractions include the Shine Gate and Grand Pianta Statue."

Top down map of Delfino Plaza

Bianco Hills

"This lush community of villas is located at the foot of Corona Mountain. Its famous windmills spin peacefully in the gentle sea breezes."

Top down map of Bianco Hills

Ricco Harbor

"Isle Delfino's port city is home to boats of all sizes and a thriving tourist trade. The fish market has the freshest seafood for miles around."

Top down map of Ricco Harbor

Gelato Beach

"The isle's largest beach sprawls under perfect blue skies. Have a swim, enjoy a famous smoothie, and bask in the glow of the Shine Tower."

Top down map of Gelato Beach