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Habitat Habitable spaces

Humans are sapient species that appear all throughout Mario's planet and even other dimensions. They are notable for their bipedal forms and wildly varying body styles.


A human's basic form is their chest and head connected via a neck. From the shoulders and hips of the chest are arms and legs respectively, and from those limbs come hands and feet respectively with fingers and toes also respectively. The skin color of humans can range from vanilla to brown.[1]

Humans are able to be born with special quirks, such as bright pink/red noses or ears with a pointy helix. Other special quirks include blue bags surrounding the eyes; oval-shaped eyes; fully visible sclera and pupils but no irises; bouncy noses; or only having visible pupils as eyes.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Humans also vary wildly in proportions and length, with the humans in New Donk City reaching heights up to 2 meters while others reaching a height of 1.55 meters.[8][9] Their change in proportions regards mainly towards the size of their limbs, heads, noses, and eyes. For natural hair color, humans have a different range of colors, which also changes over the course of their lifespan.[10] Most common hair colors seen are brown, gold, or orange.[11][12][13]

Life Cycle

Humans are born through wishes and are delivered to their parents by storks.[14] In their infant state, humans start with only their irises visible before their eyes fully develop to include visible pupils and sclera.[15] Some humans don't develop full eyes and remain with their irises, though those kinds of developments are common with humans born with round irises.[16]

Without additional life support, the oldest known human is Professor Elvin Gadd, reaching at least 80 years of age. With life support, Dr. Crygor remains as being over 100 years old.[17]


The durability of humans varies, with the cartoonish humans in the Mushroom Kingdom being pretty durable, while the exaggerated Diamond City humans being more durable, but the realistic humans in New Donk City being more fragile. This durability allows humans to survive long falls, grievous harm to the body, and a long reserve of oxygen among other advantages.


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