Greater Mushroom Continent

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Map of the Greater Mushroom Continent

The Greater Mushroom Continent is a continent located in between the Western Continent and the Eastern Continent. The region includes the smaller Mushroom Continent, as well as the outlying Sunshine Archipelago. Arguably the most influential nation on this continent is the Mushroom Kingdom.

Countries and territories

Arms Flag Country or territory Capital Population Ruler
Beanbean coat of arms.png Beanbean Kingdom flag recreation.png Beanbean Kingdom Beanbean Castle Town Beanish, Hoohooligans, Oho Jees, Jellyfish, Toads Queen Bean
Big Island Toads Big Island King
Desert Hill Toads Desert Hill King
Flower Kingdom flag.png Flower Kingdom Poplins Prince Florian
Grass Land Grass Land Palace Toads, Goombas Grass Land King
Diamond City flag recreation.png Greater Diamond City Diamond City Humans The Prince/Princess
Iced Land Toads Iced Land King
Jewelry Land Unknown Humans, Toads King Fret
Koopa checkpoint flag.png Koopa Kingdom Unknown Koopas, Goombas Bowser
Sea Side Toads Sea Side King
Shiver Region Shiver City Bumpties Mayor Penguin
Coat of arms Mushroom Kingdom.png Mushroom Kingdom Flag.png Mushroom Kingdom Toad Town Toads, Koopas, Goombas, Humans, Shy Guys Princess Peach
Nimbus Land Nimbus Castle Town Nimbus King Nimbus
- Pipe Maze Toads Pipe Maze King
Isle Delfino flag.png Sunshine Archipelago Delfino Plaza Piantas Unknown
The Sky Toads The Sky King