Dr. Snoozemore

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Dr. Snoozemore
Dr. Snoozemore Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team.png
Species Unknown
Residence Pi'illo Island

Dr. Snoozemore is the proprietor of Pi'illo Island and is researching the science of sleep. He often falls asleep mid sentence and need to be woken up to continue speaking.


Before Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Dr. Snoozemore became the Proprietor of Pi'illo Island and turned it into a resort. He also stated studying sleep and the history of the island.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

During the events of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Dr. Snoozemore wrote a letter inviting Princess Peach to Pi'illo Island. This was delivered to the Peach’s Castle by Broggy. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toadsworth and a some Toads got on a blimp called the Zeeppelin to travel to Pi'illo Island. It was revealed that there was a screen on Broggy's back, covered up by a bandage. Dr. Snoozemore appeared on the screen and introduced himself to everyone on the Blimp. He tells them about a special power on the island that makes you sleep, but when Toadsworth questioned him further Dr. Snoozemore told everyone to relax, with their other passenger, who turns out to be Antasma. Mario battled Antasma. After being defeated, Atasma flew into the balloon of the blimp, destroying it and floated away. This caused the blimp to crash down into Pi'illo Blimport. It was then revealed that the battle with Antasma was only a nightmare that luigi had and the blimp had actually landed safely in the blimport.

After entering Pi'illo Castle and visiting the locked room in the back, a video of Dr. Snoozemore appeared on a large screen. The video gave a brief history lesson on Pi'illo Island.[1]


Dr. Snoozemore has a fluffy white head, moustache and wears black glasses.


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