Donkey Kong Land III

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Donkey Kong Land III was the contest to be the first to find the Northern Kremisphere's Lost World.


Dixie Kong is babysitting Kiddy Kong on Donkey Kong Island while everyone else has gone out to the Northern Kremisphere to win a contest of being the first to find the fabled Lost World. Wanting to prove herself to be just as capable as everyone else, she brings Kiddy Kong along and sets off back to the Northern Kremisphere to find the Lost World for herself.[1]

After trekking through the landscape and beating Baron K. Roolenstein, collecting every DK Coin and watch, the two Kongs are able to reach the Lost World.[2] The Kongs have another go at beating up Roolenstein after going through the Lost World.[3] After beating him for a second time, he angrily dares the Kongs to beat his time trials in a select number of stages.[4] Dixie and Kiddy then beat those time trials.[5]