Donkey Kong Jr.

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Donkey Kong Jr.
DK Jr Mario's Tennis.jpg
Full name Donkey Kong II
Species Kong
Residence Unknown

Donkey Kong Jr. is Cranky Kong's son and Donkey Kong's father. He is the protagonist of Donkey Kong II, Donkey Kong Jr. (Arcade), and Donkey Kong Jr. (Game & Watch).


Early life

Donkey Kong Jr. was born as Donkey Kong and Wrinkly Kong's child.

Donkey Kong Jr. (Game & Watch)

Donkey Kong Jr. got word of Mario having trapped his father inside a cage and sought to free him. By collecting four keys, Junior opened Donkey Kong's cage.

Donkey Kong Jr. (Arcade)

Donkey Kong Jr. chased Mario, having recaptured Donkey Kong, from the city's forest outskirts back into Mario's hideout at New Donk City. He avoided many Sparks, Snapjaws, and many other traps Mario had laid out for him.

Donkey Kong II

Donkey Kong Jr. then had his final showdown with Mario to save his father. By slotting many of the keys into Donkey Kong's chains, he was ultimately freed and both escaped back to Donkey Kong Island.

Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Donkey Kong gave his son a lot of math problems, which he solved.

Donkey Kong (Game Boy)

Donkey Kong Jr. joined his father's attempt at kidnapping Pauline when his father arrived at Jungle. He helped by using the switches to certain mechanisms periodically, disorienting Mario.

After continuing to journey with his father all the way to Tower at the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario managed to lock Donkey Kong Jr. inside of a cage, allowing Mario to continue on further without Junior's interference. Donkey Kong Jr. managed to escape his cage, only coming into action when Donkey Kong was calling for help.

Donkey Kong Jr. (Game & Watch) (Modern)

Mario had locked up Donkey Kong inside yet another cage. Fortunately, Donkey Kong Jr. found all the four keys necessary to free his father.

After another tussle between Mario and Donkey Kong which is not related to Junior, Mario and the Kongs make peace with one another. A picture was taken to celebrate the occasion.

Rain Shower (Easy)

Donkey Kong Jr. was hanging onto a clothes rack along with some other people. While hanging around, Bowser decided to ruin their fun by deciding to throw colored water balloons on top of them. Mario's quick wit didn't allow any of the balloons to hit anyone hanging around, including Donkey Kong Jr.


While inside a flying airship, everyone had to escape via parachute, including Donkey Kong Jr. Luckily, Mario was there on a safety raft boat to catch Junior.


Donkey Kong Jr. was taking a stroll through several unsafe manholes, held together by Yoshi.


While inside a castle, a fire managed to break out wherein everyone had to evacuate. Donkey Kong Jr., along with all the other inhabitants inside, were fortunately caught by Mario & Luigi's safety trampoline.

Oil Panic

Donkey Kong Jr. was playing with a stick outside of a castle where Bowser was attempting to drop oil onto the castle's floor, which happened to catch fire.

Mario Clash

Donkey Kong Jr., alongside Donkey Kong, arrived to congratulate Mario for scoring 800,000 points during his climb up into the Clash House Tower.

Inbetween Mario Clash and Mario's Tennis, Donkey Kong Jr. grew up into an adult, soon after receiving Donkey Kong as his child.

Mario's Tennis

Donkey Kong Jr. was invited to a small tennis tournament where he proved himself the most powerful of all the other players.[1] His strong groundstrokes allowed him to win many points from the baseline.

Donkey Kong Jr. looked the most adult here compared to previous events; growing larger proportionally, having more pronounced arm muscles, a prominent brow, and losing the two tufts of hair on him.

Super Mario Kart

Donkey Kong Jr. was invited to the first Mario Kart Grand Prix: Super Mario Kart. Size-wise, he was comparable to Bowser, with both having slow acceleration but great top speed with their karts.[2]

Mario Tennis

A younger, past version of Donkey Kong Jr. was invited to this tennis tournament. In doubles tournaments, Donkey Kong was his double partner.

Mario Kart Tour

Donkey Kong Jr. returned after a long time in Mario Kart Tour under his "(SNES)" costume during the Super Mario Kart Tour. His special item is the Triple Bananas.

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