Donkey Kong (Arcade)

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Donkey Kong (Arcade) was the rescue of Pauline from the hands of Donkey Kong.


“Donkey Kong has kidnapped Lady and escaped into a building under construction.
Mario also entered the building to save the lady, but he cannot get close to her because of Donkey Kong's obstruction.
Can Mario save the lady......?”
JP Donkey Kong (Famicom) website[1]

Mario's pet monkey Donkey Kong has kidnapped Mario's girlfriend Pauline.[2][3] Donkey Kong did this to make fun of Mario.[4]

With Pauline in tow, Donkey Kong climbed up the scaffolding of the Construction Site. Mario followed suit and climbed up the 100-meter infrastructure, dodging barrels, cement, trampolines, etc.[5]

At the very top of the building, Mario loosens the bolts supporting Donkey Kong, making him fall and reuniting Mario with Pauline.[6]