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Species Magiblot
Affiliation(s) Count Bleck (previously)

Dimentio was an ally of Count Bleck before becoming the ultimate instigator behind the Void's destruction across all the dimensions when he found that his goals didn't align with those of the count. Despite leaving behind a shadow of his power behind to power the Chaos Heart long enough for it to destroy all the dimensions, his plans were destroyed after Bleck and Tippi professed their love for eachother.



Dimentio's past is meant to be left shrouded in mystery.

Hearing about Count Bleck, he approached him and befriended the count all on his own. Strangely, while he was rejected as one of Count Bleck's minions at first, he joined when the Dark Prognosticus described a person very much similar to Dimentio.[1] Feigning loyalty as a minion, Dimentio had already known about Count Bleck's lie about destroying all worlds to create a new one, instead destroying and leaving it all in ruin.[2] Dimentio himself knew he couldn't defeat the count all on his own, so he spent his time as his minion to search for someone who could help defeat him.

Super Paper Mario

After the unharmonious wedding that summoned the Chaos Heart and scattered everyone on Castle Bleck, Dimentio took care to rescue Princess Peach from being brainwashed by Nastasia, sending her to Flipside to be nursed and join Mario's side.[3] He also likely sent Bowser and his minions to the Bitlands to eventually be reunited with Mario and Peach.[4]

Throughout the heroes' journey, Dimentio's been testing the heroes to see if they were worthy enough to face Count Bleck. By corrupting Fracktail,[5] encountering the group on the top of the Dotwood Tree to fight them in Dimension D,[6] Dimentio gained a good image on the heroes' capabilities. After meeting with an acquaintance in the Land of the Cragnons, he spotted O'Chunks and the heroes about to fight and decided to spruce up their fight by sending their arena inside Dimension D.[7] After having seen O'Chunks be defeated, he manipulated O'Chunks to have him try on a Floro Sprout he asked for from the aformentioned acquaintance.[8] Seeing the brainwashed O'Chunks be defeated by the heroes, Dimentio starts believing that they might be able to help defeat Count Bleck.

Dimentio further manipulated Count Bleck's minions by staging a surprise attack on the heroes in the Sammer's Kingdom, despite his orders saying the contrary. Seeing their newest recruit, Mr. L, fail their surprise attack and be completely ashamed at his failure, Dimentio knocked him out and sent him to the Underwhere, freeing him from Nastasia's mind control. To help the heroes further in their quest, Dimentio also made sure to head to Flipside, send Mario and Bowser to the Underwhere to power up their rockified Pure Heart, and send Peach to the Overthere to continue their quest further.

Encountering the heroes in Castle Bleck, he proposed a partnership to help him defeat Count Bleck. When they refused, he tried aggrivating Luigi to fight him alone. After being defeated, he knocked Luigi out, sended him further into the castle, and implanted a Floro Sprout in his noggin for it to sprout later on.[9] With Count Bleck defeated, Dimentio took to assume control over the Chaos Heart. By fusing the mind-controlled Luigi, the Chaos Heart, and himself, he planned on destroying all worlds to create perfect ones where he could be their king.

When even his form, Super Dimentio, was defeated, he left behind a shadow of his power into the Chaos Heart, ensuring it to be active long enough for all of the dimensions to be destroyed permanently. His last will of power was in vain however, as the Chaos Heart was destroying by the power of love from Count Bleck and Tippi.

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