Daisy Circuit

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Daisy Circuit

Greater location Muda Kingdom
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Daisy Circuit

Daisy Circuit is a racetrack inside a small town. It was used during the Star Cup for the Mario Kart Wii Grand Prix.


“The roads of this seaside resort have been closed so you can tear round the tight turns and through the tunnel at top speed. Don't let the crowd down!”
European website, Mario Kart Wii
Map of Daisy Circuit

Daisy Circuit takes place close to the sea, with an extended area for a lighthouse for any boats crossing through. The flora mainly consists of tube-like hills that are all a bleak beige color with a grassy top, and palm trees with a scale pattern trunk that goes fat at the bottom.

The town area is abundant of flower iconography, whether it's on the windows, the walls, and even the road. While some of the building's walls are colored orange to refer to Princess Daisy, pink and green-colored buildings also exist.

The largest area holds a large building, in front of it being two pairs of large statues of Luigi and Daisy herself holding hands, one of them portraying their adult selves while another portraying their infant likenesses. Both of these statues are surrounded by a pool of water with small fountains spewing.


One tournament took place here, where the player has to pass through 22 gates. This mission was repeated in three more tournaments.


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