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Cataquacks from Super Mario Galaxy
Habitat Beaches; shorelines

Cataquacks are strange species resembling the segments of a Wiggler. They form colonies on beaches and are generally territorial, launching outsiders into the air in a non-harmful way.


“Those large-billed Cataquacks tend to be very territorial. So, when they spot an outsider such as yourself, they go wild! They'll run up and hurl you into the air, but they mean no harm.”
Noki, Super Mario Sunshine

Cataquacks are billed spheres on two beige legs. They sport a large pair of eyes surrounded by a yellow ring. Their only form of clothing are boots that fit the color of their body. The blue-bodied variants are more common, though they come in red, green, and purple.

The species are very territorial, meaning they protect their territory by launching outsiders up in the air.


Cataquacks can launch a person at an impressive height upwards.


Cataquacks were first discovered on the Cataquack Relay Planet in the Gold Leaf Galaxy, which hangs above Mario's Planet.[1] They were then likely taken by other species and introduced to other locations, with colonies expanding on Gelato Beach and Peach Beach.

Because of where these colonies formed, Cataquacks prefer tropical beaches, close to the shorelines.