Bowser Jr.

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Bowser Jr.
Full name Bowser Koopa II
Species Koopa
Place of Origin Koopa Kingdom
Residence Bowser’s Castle

Prince Bowser Koopa Junior, typically referred to as Bowser Jr., is the only son of Bowser and therefore heir to the throne of the Koopa Kingdom. Despite his young age, Bowser Junior frequently aids his father by leading his forces and fighting Mario.


Super Mario Sunshine


Bowser Jr. is precocious, energetic, spoiled, and self-conscious. He loves his dad very much and tries hard to impress him, often assisting him in his schemes. He has great leadership skills and is always ready to fight, often in his Junior Clown Car. Like his father, he often participates in sports, parties, and kart racing. Despite him helping his father in his schemes, Bowser Jr. wants to be a hero, and even used to believe the Koopa Troop themselves were on the good side of the things, but he later discovered that was not the case.





Princess Peach

Physical Appearance

He resembles his father’s younger self very closely, with the most notable distiction between Bowser Jr. and the young Bowser being Bowser Jr.’s bandana that depicts a child’s drawing of a mouth.