Bowser (blue)

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Bowser (blue)
Species Koopa
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop

Bowser (blue)[1] is a Koopa that greatly resembles Bowser.


Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

In Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Bowser (blue) was part of the Koopa Troop during the invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom and the kidnapping of Princess Peach that took her to a parallel world. He was stationed on 8-4, but failed when Mario & Luigi managed to get past him.[2]

In the kidnapping of Peach thereafter, Bowser (blue) was placed in 9-3, but once again couldn't stop the Mario Bros. from advancing.[3] A Fake Bowser (blue) version of him, revealed to be a Spiny in disguise, was also placed on D-4.[4] Nevertheless, Mario & Luigi got through him.


Bowser (blue) can breathe fire. He can also throw a number of hammers.


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