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This article is about the specific character from games such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii. For the Toad character who was blue during Super Mario 3D World, see Toad. For another blue-capped Toad, see Toad (species).
Blue Toad
Blue Toad.png
Full name Blue Toad
Species Toad
Residence Mushroom Kingdom
Height ~1.41m[citation needed]
Affiliation(s) Mushroom Kingdom

Blue Toad is a blue-capped Toad and a loyal servant of the Mushroom Kingdom[1]. He appears to be very close to Princess Peach, and unlike many other Toads, he tends to play a more active role in fighting Bowser's invasions. He is almost always seen alongside Yellow Toad.


Super Mario Sunshine

Mario Superstar Baseball

In Mario Superstar Baseball, Blue Toad was recruited by Princess Peach[2] to play on the Peach Monarchs. His special ability was Body Check, allowing him to ram into basemen. His Star Pitch threw the ball slowly and his Star Swing went to center field. He had good chemistry with Princess Peach, Toadette, and Toadsworth, and bad chemistry with Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser.

Super Mario 3D Land

In Super Mario 3D Land, the night after the storm that blew all the leaves off the Tail Tree, Blue Toad, alongside Yellow Toad, Red Toad, and Mario, went out to check on the tree. They were shocked to find every Super Leaf gone from the tree. Yellow Toad noticed a letter hovering near the tree displaying the capture of Princess Peach. Blue Toad panicked briefly at this, before rushing off alongside Red Toad and Yellow Toad, with Mario following behind. Throughout Mario's adventure, Blue Toad and other Toads frequently offered guidance and gifts such as power-ups and Star Medals. After Mario defeated Bowser, Blue Toad, Red Toad, and Yellow Toad arrived with Super Leaves for them and Mario, allowing them to fly Peach to safety. The three Toads accompanied Mario to the Special Worlds to save Luigi, assisting him there as well. Later, the trio of Toads discovered a letter in World 1-1, revealing that Bowser had kidnapped Peach once again. After Mario rescued her, Peach used a Super Leaf, shocking Blue Toad.

Mario Super Sluggers

In Mario Super Sluggers, Blue Toad again played on the Peach Monarchs. During a game at Peach Ice Garden, he crashed into Red Toad after the latter was frozen by a Freezie, freeing Red Toad. However, neither of them caught the ball. Blue Toad was later seen at a game at Mario Stadium, playing on a team alongside Red Toad, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi, and Birdo. He rushed out onto the field to congratulate Luigi on winning the game for the other team. Later, Blue Toad guarded a statue of a Toad for Peach. When Bowser Jr. took over Baseball Kingdom, Blue Toad appeared stressed, and acted like hiding the statue was very important. While Mario was freeing Peach from Bowser Jr., Blue Toad hid the statue in the bushes. When Mario and his team arrived, Blue Toad refused to let them into the area where the statue used to be- however, when he found out Peach was with them, he instead told her where he had hidden the statue, and joined Mario's team. Blue Toad later was in the crowd of people that threw Mario into the air in celebration after Bowser's defeat, and accompanied the group to the south end of Baseball Kingdom, where Peach lit up the island with her magic. Blue Toad was later seen at the celebration party, watching Mario and Donkey Kong play Bob-omb Derby. Blue Toad continued to play baseball after this, as well. He had good chemistry with Peach, Toadette, Toadsworth, the Piantas, Baby Peach, and Miis wearing blue. He had bad chemistry with Bowser, Goomba, and Paragoomba.

Mario Party 9

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

In New Super Mario Bros Wii, Blue Toad attended the festivities for Peach's birthday at her castle alongside Mario, Luigi, and Yellow Toad. When Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings showed up in a giant birthday cake and kidnapped Princess Peach, he and the other attendees raced to pursue the airship that held Peach.[3] The group made their way through seven worlds, fighting one Koopaling per world, until they arrived in the Koopa Kingdom. There, they defeated Kamek before progressing to Bowser's Castle. Inside, the four came face-to-face with Bowser, who they defeated by pressing a switch. However, it was then revealed that the kidnapped Peach was actually Kamek, who enlarged Bowser. The four heroes ran from Bowser, defeating him and freeing Peach by stepping on a larger switch. As Mario and Peach left the castle, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad found two hot-air balloons. They flew to Mario and Peach to pick them up. Mario and Peach took Luigi's hot air balloon, so Blue Toad invited Luigi to join him and Yellow Toad in theirs, flying home to the Mushroom Kingdom.[4] Soon after, Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad headed to a secret world that Peach told them about, going on an adventure there.

Mario Party: Island Tour

New Super Mario Bros. U

In New Super Mario Bros. U, Blue Toad later joined Peach, Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Toadette in dining at Peach's Castle. Bowser's airships arrived, alarming the group. Peach was dragged away by the Mecha Hand, which then proceeded to pick up and throw the other five all the way to Acorn Plains in the southwest. The group crashed into the Acorn Tree, scattering Super Acorns across the kingdom.[5] The group met up with Nabbit, who sometimes aided the group but at other times antagonized them. The group, now six strong, made their way through seven worlds. They fought Bowser's minions along the way, defeating Boom Booms, Bowser Jr. twice, every Koopaling, Kamek, and Boss Sumo Bro. Soon, they made their way to Peach's Castle, which had been made into a lava-filled castle with environments resembling Bowser's Castle. Inside, they progressed to the top of the castle, where they ran from Bowser Jr. as he tried to crush them with his Clown Car. Soon, the group encountered Bowser and defeated him by pressing a switch, similarly to their previous encounter. The group proceeded to the top, unaware that Bowser Jr. and Kamek were enlarging Bowser once again.

Once the heroes were on the castle's roof, Bowser made his appearance, confronting the heroes in his now enlarged state alongside Bowser Jr. The group knocked Bowser Jr out of his Junior Clown Car and took control of it to defeat Bowser once again, allowing Peach to be rescued and her castle to be returned to its natural state. Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and Mario watched Bowser, the Koopalings, and Bowser Jr. try to fly away, only to crash the airship and have to use the Junior Clown Car to escape. The heroes, sans Nabbit, then celebrated Peach's rescue.[6] Not long after this, the heroes went on an expedition to Superstar Road and visited the Secret Island where Nabbit lived.

Mario Party: Star Rush

Mario Kart Tour

Blue Toad, dressed in a Builder Outfit and referred to as Builder Toad, raced in Mario Kart Tour, joining during the Trick Tour. He used the Bob-omb Cannon as his Special Item.

Blue Toad carries Peach's luggage into the Last Resort.

Luigi's Mansion 3

During Luigi's Mansion 3 when Luigi received an invitation to the Last Resort from its owner Hellen Gravely, he invited along some of his closest friends. Blue Toad was one of them alongside Mario, Peach, Yellow Toad, Toad, and Luigi's pet dog Polterpup. On the bus ride to the hotel, Blue Toad sat next to Yellow Toad, tossing a baseball to himself. Blue Toad assisted the other Toads in carrying Peach's luggage into the hotel.[7] When Toad stopped to talk to Luigi, his tower of suitcases fell, knocking Blue Toad down and getting his head stuck in the suitcases. He was soon freed, however, and met Hellen Gravely. She took the vacation party to the fifth floor, directing the group to their rooms.[8]

Blue Toad stuck in Peach's luggage with Toad attempting to assist.

Blue Toad's room was Room 504 and he brought a suitcase, bag, speaker, guitar case, and headphones with him. The hotel, however, was a trap. Blue Toad managed to get the elevator button for the second basement from the ghost he was being attacked by, before being kidnapped and put in a painting by King Boo. King Boo taunted Luigi with the paintings of his friends, including Blue Toad, before they were teleported away.[9][10] Blue Toad's painting was held by Ug in the Unnatural History Museum on the ninth floor. Luigi tried to free Blue Toad with the Dark-Light Device before Ug, possessing a T-Rex skeleton, ate his painting. After defeating Ug, Blue Toad's painting was spat out and Luigi freed him. Blue Toad was initially scared upon his rescue, but when he realized it was Luigi he cheered. He gave Luigi his elevator button and accompanied him back to the elevator. There, he took the elevator to E. Gadd's lab in the basement, where he resided while Luigi (and Toad, briefly) went out exploring the hotel.[9]

Blue Toad waving to Luigi in E. Gadd's lab.

Eventually, King Boo levitated the lab to the top of the tower, and forcibly took E. Gadd and the three Toads from it before stuffing them in a painting. King Boo tried to put Mario, Luigi, and Peach in the same painting, but thanks to Polterpup, he missed Luigi. King Boo then enlarged the painting, trying to suck in the whole hotel. When Luigi defeated King Boo, he caught the painting and held onto it as the hotel collapsed. Polterpup saved Luigi, who proceeded to free all six captives, including Blue Toad. When the ghost collection was freed, E. Gadd decided to rebuild the hotel. Alongside the others Blue Toad helped with the construction of the new hotel and was seen working with Toad and Yellow Toad on the construction site.[11][12] After its completion, alongside the others, Blue Toad said goodbye to the new, rebuilt Last Resort, leaving on the bus to go home.[13]

General Information


Blue Toad is braver than many other Toads, as he is seen directly aiding the Mario Bros and facing Bowser. Despite this, he has his moments of cowardice, such as when he was confronted by King Boo. He is also very loyal and helpful, coming to Peach's aid in many dangerous situations. Blue Toad is also compassionate, and may be musically inclined. He likely plays the electric guitar and listens to music.[14] He may also like baseball.[15]



Blue Toad and Luigi seem to be very close friends. Blue Toad invited Luigi to join his and Yellow Toad's hot air balloon in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Luigi invited Blue Toad to the Last Resort for Luigi's Mansion 3.[4] Blue Toad is rescued by Luigi during the same event, and is elated when this happens.[9] During Mario Super Sluggers, he congratulates Luigi on winning a baseball game despite being on the other team. He directly aids Luigi in many events.

Princess Peach

Blue Toad is a loyal servant of Princess Peach's kingdom, and is very devoted to her.[1] He has helped rescue her from Bowser on two separate occasions, guarded a statue for her, and helped carry her many suitcases into the Last Resort.[7] Blue Toad was at Peach's birthday party as well, and he is frequently seen attending events where she is also present, such as dining with her.[3][5]


Blue Toad is friends with Toad.[16] Blue Toad chatted with him and assisted him in the lobby of the Last Resort. Toad jumped to help him when his head got stuck, as well.[7]

Blue Toad sitting next to Yellow Toad on the bus to the Last Resort.

Yellow Toad

Blue Toad and Yellow Toad appear to be very close friends. They are almost always seen together; they rode a hot air balloon together and sat next to each other on the bus to the Last Resort, for example.[4][7] Blue Toad and Yellow Toad tend to attend events together; outside of Mario Kart Tour, they consistently go places together.


Blue Toad has negative feelings towards Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Koopa Troop. He has fought them multiple times before, and views them as enemies.

Blue Toad stayed in E. Gadd's lab while Luigi was adventuring in the Last Resort. E. Gadd did not know his name at first, simply calling him 'Toad'. Beyond this, nothing is known about their relationship.

King Boo and Hellen Gravely tricked and kidnapped Blue Toad. He did fight back against his captors at first, managing to lift an elevator button off one, but was bested and captured. He is frightened by them, as he is immediately scared when rescued from Ug by Luigi.[9]

Blue Toad has adventured alongside Mario before and helped him. They are likely friends.

Nabbit has been both Blue Toad's ally and enemy, sometimes directly assisting but sometimes being chased by him. It is unclear what exactly Blue Toad thinks of Nabbit.

Blue Toad and Red Toad get along. They've worked together before and appear to be on good terms.

Blue Toad is friends with Toadette and Toadsworth, but very little is known about their relationships.

Blue Toad dislikes Wario and Waluigi.

Physical Appearance

Blue Toad resembles many other Blue Toads: he has a blue-spotted cap, blue vest, white pants, and brown shoes. He is approximately 1.41 meters tall, or approximately 4 feet 7 inches.[citation needed]


Blue Toad has similar platforming skills and strength to Mario and Luigi, with the ability to use techniques such as the Ground Pound, Triple Jump, and Wall Jump.[17] Blue Toad also appears to be quite durable, as he is unharmed from being blasted around with the Poltergust G-00. He also can enlarge himself briefly, although it is unknown if this is due to some outside influence.


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