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A Biddybud from Super Mario 3D Land
Habitat Heights
Cold regions

Biddybuds are a small species of oval, multi-colored creatures found in Mario’s Planet.


“These colorful critters often come in fives, bobbing along and minding their own business.”
North American website, Super Mario 3D Land

Biddybuds have an entirely oval body supported by a pair of yellow feet. Their outer bodies are horizontally split with an indigo blue belly at the bottom and the top sporting a certain bright color with darker spots; red, green, blue, yellow, or pink. On the front is a small hole for two eyes to pop out with beady pupils.

Biddybuds prefer marching in a group with perfect coordination, their smallest group total being 2 members.[1]. Their usual paths of marching are either walking in a circle or moving back and forth. When marching, they will hum in tune with the music of the area by being in tune with the Music Keys.[2]

When outside a group, they peacefully spectate the activities of others and avoid danger when confronted.[3][4]

Life Cycle

Using a P-Wing, Biddybuds can transform into Para-Biddybuds, which allows them to follow new march patterns which include flying up and down or larger formations in the sky.[5][6]


Biddybuds rely on the size of their group to attack. If threatened, the group of Biddybuds will stack on top of eachother as a defense. When attacking, they formate into a straight line and charge straight ahead.[7]

Para-Biddybuds, when attacking as a group, will line themselves up above their target before smashing down on them.[8]


A Biddybud’s usual habitat being high up, in snowy regions, or solid clouds suggests they prefer the cold.


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