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Species Unknown
Place of Origin Land's End
Residence Belome Temple

Belome is an enigmatic and monstrous being of gluttony who dwells deep within his own temple in Land's End.



Belome's exact past and nature is a complete mystery. What is certain is that he originates from a mysterious ancient temple simply known as Belome Temple located in the farthest reaches of Land's End, a seemingly sacred but sinister shrine filled with powerful monsters as well as carvings and statues made in the image of Belome himself, apparently built to honor the gluttonous beast, suggesting that he is some sort of demon or deified entity. The temple also acts as the only entry into Monstro Town, hinting at a possible connection.[1] Belome was not bound to his temple though and would make his way into Kero Sewers on occasion to find victims to satiate his hunger. Belome would become a bit infamous, as even Frog Sage eventually heard of him but had never seen the beast himself.[2]

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Mario first heard of the evil Belome from his new friend Mallow after they journey into Kero Sewers, with Mallow having been warned of the beast by his grandfather Frogfucius. As they explored the sewers, the duo were unfortunately found by Belome himself who wasted no time attacking Mario and Mallow in the hopes of eating them. The duo fortunately prevailed, but just then the defeated Belome cryptically warns them to beware the "flood". Belome then mysteriously teleports away and a switch is suddenly activated, causing the sewer floodgates top open, unleashing a huge wave of water that washes Mario and Mallow away into the Midas River.[2]

Sometime later, Mario along with his now larger party made up of Mallow, Geno, Princess Peach and Bowser wander to Land's End where they come upon the sinister Belome Temple, the shrine of Belome himself where they once again come across the sinister creature now hungrier than ever. Belome wastes no time battling them and creating clones from them, but even with all his powers Belome is no match for the team of heroes and is soundly defeated as he cries in hunger and claims that he is "going home for dinner" as he happily disappears with a resounding "Goodbye boys and girls!", allowing the party to reach the final area of the temple and locate the secret entrance to Monstro Town.[1]

Later on, while visiting Monstro Town, the party finds a mysterious golden key and head back into the temple where they find a mysterious golden idol of Belome deep within the dungeon that guards a secret treasure room. They offer the key to the familiar idol who seemingly comes to life, asking Mario if he can have the tasty key and eagerly devours it before disappearing into thin air, allowing Mario and his comrades access to the treasure. Belome's ultimate fate and his relation to the peculiar idol remained a mystery.[3]


Belome is an eternally hungry and omnivorous monster who only thinks with his stomach and will eat anything or anyone he finds. It seems that even his own cravings are beyond his control and he seems to actually suffer because of his hunger, claiming that he can't stand it. Because of his appetite, he is ruthless and doesn't care for the lives of his targets, seeing them only as his next meal.

Belome surprisingly takes his losses rather well, initially warning Mario and Mallow about the sewer flood after his first defeat, and later on after his second defeat he happily goes home for dinner while exclaiming a rather friendly goodbye.[2][1]

Physical Appearance

Belome is a large bizarre-looking monster with a rather unique and oddly shaped body. Belome's body has a round and plump shape with two small stubby legs and two odd "flaps" near his mouth which could either be stubby arms, his ears, jowls or even other bizarre organs. He has yellow skin or fur which is covered in peculiar swirly red spots and atop his "head" are four large blunt horns with red stripe markings around each of them. His face is ferocious and beastly like that of a Bowbow or a Gaugau's but with four vicious-looking eyes, along with two sharp fangs, and his signature long tongue which is always hanging from his mouth salivating for his next meal.


Belome is a powerful creature with not only an unusual appetite but unusual magical abilities, capable of turning victims into scarecrows, summoning beams of light that can lull others to sleep, magically teleport away when needed, and his most mysterious ability is the power to taste his enemies and then create exact duplicates of them with all of their powers and personalities which he can control and use against them in battle. He also has a powerful tongue and maw that can deal heavy blows and swallow even large beings like Bowser whole.[2][1]


  • Belome shares a similar role with the former demon Hum Gree from WarioWare Gold, as both were voracious evil entities motivated only by an all-consuming hunger.
  • When defeated for the final time, Belome claims he is "going home", suggesting that he may not actually live in Belome Temple or that he lives in an unknown part of the dungeon.[1]