Desert Hills

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Desert Hills
A view of the starting line of Desert Hills.
Full name DS Desert Hills
Greater location Desert Land
Nearby Locations
Desert Hills

A view of the Bolted Blocks, Wood Blocks, and Warp Pipes that can be seen in Desert Hills

Desert Hills is a racetrack that made its debut in Mario Kart DS as the first course in the Flower Cup. In Mario Kart Wii, it was the first course in the Leaf Cup. It is located in Desert Land.


Map of Desert Hills

All of Desert Hills surrounds a small mountain in the center. After the starting line, many palm trees, stone buildings, and pipe structures can be found surrounding an oasis. The track curves around the oasis before curving around a small pyramid made out of Brick Blocks. Near the pyramid are several large stone turrets with walls between them. Then, there is a small straightaway with Pokeys blocking the path, and several Bolted Blocks and giant Warp Pipes can be seen in the distance. Finally, the track curves back and forth before returning to the starting line. Lining the entire track are barriers made out of Brick Blocks and Wood Blocks.


Mario Kart DS

In Mario Kart DS, two missions took place on this track. Mission 2-6 had Wario defeat 5 Pokeys by throwing Bob-ombs at them. Mission 4-4 had Wario drive through 7 numbered gates.

Mario Kart Wii

In Mario Kart Wii, a tournament took place on this track where everybody had to defeat 10 Pokeys using only Super Stars and Triple Green Shells as fast as they could.