Theory: Octopuses Originate from Space

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Status High Consensus
Author Seán D. Walsh
Date of creation May 24th, 2019


The octopuses seen on Mario’s Planet are originally from Space and are one of the oldest living races on Mario’s Planet and are related to the Octopus species seen in Super Mario Galaxy.


  • Argument 1: Octopuses seen on Mario’s Planet share many, many traits with alien species, such as Astro Lanceurs, Octopuses and Octoombas. These traits include, but are not limited to: circular “mouths” on their heads (a trait real life Octopuses lack), having dark patches around their eyes, and tentacles with spines & suckers.

  • Argument 2: The Brochure for the Moon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey states that life in Mario’s Planet began in the sea. They propose a theory that, seeing as species seen on the Moon are extremely similar to species from the seas of Mario’s Planet, life on Mario’s Planet has Lunar origins. One of the species directly implied to have come from the Moon are Octopuses/Astro Lanceurs.

  • Argument 3: The “Ground Pound Symbol” can be seen on the tops of Astro Lanceurs. This symbol is said to have originated in the ancient Ruins of the Lost Kingdom on Mario’s Planet, but is seen all across space in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  • Argument 4: Chakron, an anthropomorphic Octopus Star Sage, was meditating in the same position for 1000 years, implying that he’s an extremely old being.

  • Argument 5: The X-Nauts genetically engineered the Yux in their lab at their base on the Moon. The Yux also share many Octopus-like traits, such as suckers, dark patches around their eyes and circular mouths.