Greater Mushroom Continent

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Map of the Greater Mushroom Continent

The Greater Mushroom Continent is a microcontinent located in the middle of the Oho Ocean separating the Western Continent and the Eastern Continent. The region includes the smaller Mushroom Continent, as well as the outlying Sunshine Archipelago. Arguably the most influential nation on this continent is the Mushroom World, which covers the majority of Mushroom Continent's land area.

Countries and territories

Arms Flag Country or territory Capital Population
Beanbean coat of arms.png Beanbean Kingdom Beanbean Castle Town Beanish, Hoohooligans, Oho Jees, Jellyfish, Toads
Jewelry Land Unkown Humans, Toads
Koopa Kingdom Unkown Koopas, Goombas
Coat of arms Mushroom Kingdom.png Mushroom Kingdom Flag.png Mushroom Kingdom Toad Town Toads, Koopas, Goombas, Humans, Shy Guys,